Thursday, November 22, 2012

Blackmores 80 Deeds Campaign

This is my blogging entry for Blackmores 80 Deeds Campaign, you may refer above picture for detail.

This is my story, I had my first story written here you can read of it. I have got another pack of clothes to giveaway and this time domation to the nursing home. I am glad they find the clothes useful as they can even sell the clothes to others who are living there.

Another good deed I have done is different from above. It is about a stray cat, I saw it wonder around the neighbourhood for days. One day it came into my house compound and I offer it some food and clean water. I try to pat the cat, hope it's not going to bite me or scratch me. Indeed the cat didn't make any bad approach towards me. Soon the cat and I become friend, I took it in the house for a bath. The stray cat so dirty, the fur is sticky and feels muddy too. If you are a cat owner, I am sure you know that cat loves to have clean fur and licking them. Besides the cat, I have got a dog at home. At first my dog always chase it away, soon they become friend and live together. Yes in reality there's a cat and a dog living together.

This was during my teenager time, but this precious memories never been forgotten.

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