Thursday, May 31, 2012

Contest: A Date with Julie's

My son Sean loves to eat biscuits, he loves Julie's Biscuit Assorties. He loves to eat biscuits and this time he chooses to take picture with his favourite biscuits. Look at his happy smile holding the biscuits, he just had his biscuits so I told him of A Date with Julie's, he wants to be part of it. Sometimes he eats in the morning and supper time, he also shares his biscuits with his classmates.

His friends and him often trade biscuits, he would takes some biscuits to class and trade with his classmates. Sean loves the yummylicious biscuits, when shopping he would pick the Julie's biscuits. The biscuits not only for him alone to enjoy but for the whole family. I like to dip the biscuit with warm milo or warm coffee, the biscuit melt instantly in my mouth.

My baby boy who is turning one year old, he likes to eat the biscuit too. He enjoy eating biscuit while watch TV.

Above is my entry for CONTEST:A DATE WITH JULIE'S

Sunday, May 27, 2012

June Vanity Trove is here

My first time subcription to Vanity Trove is here, it is June Vanity Trove. The beautiful box consists of skin care and hair care products. The price of RM50 has increased to RM60, you see that I have subscribed paying RM60 of it. I will be going more detail of this beauty box when I have time.

This month is Best Friends Summer, Spritzey Ditzy Fun! Next month July is beauty month, are you going to start subscribed to Vanitry Trove today? For only $25 each month, subscribe to receive a trove delivered right to your door step each month!

I received this box all the way from Singapore! I love the packing it is so cute, I don't know the contain of item at all when I first subscribed it is full of beautiful surprises! They are total of beauty items contain in this beauty box.

You can share with me about your Vanitry Trove of this month, whether the items are same with yours or not. As I know not all subscribers having all the same items.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Mickey Mouse@MidValley

 I am so happy tomorrow I will be at Midvalley with my family, my dear wants to visit PC EXPO there. I went to Midvalley few days back and they were Mickey Mouse just like in the picture which I have taken. I am sure tomorrow and Sunday they will be lots of people there.

My first time to The Gardens I manage redeem the Laneige at Isetan as I cannot find Laneige counter at Jusco or Metrojaya. Isetan in The Gardens, I see not many people shopping there. The food court at the Gardens is quiet, the Borders bookstore got Starbucks inside and many people sitting there to drink coffee and play their notebook or phones.

I have received an invitation for June I am not sure if my application to go success, it is weekday and lucky it fall on School holiday! I don't need to fetch my son from Kindergarten.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Big toy bags to keep toys

I am mommy of two boys now; I know I have to find a way to keep my children toys. The toys are everywhere, now I found this Big Toy Bag only RM58 instead of RM99. Remember those days when your darling telling you that there will be guests coming to your house? I am sure you want to keep away toys quick, now with this 92cm big purple toy bag you can chuck in all the toys!

You can start to train your children to be independent to keep away their toys. The children can keep track of the toys on their own now, time to organize those toys, keep them all in one place now. I know you have a play room for the children, you will be happy to see the toys all in one place now.

I am sure mommy can now have a better rest, I would be happy to see my son to keep all his toys in one place. I want to let my dear know of this deal now, not just him but mommies that I know. They also have problem keep away the children toys.

Now don't just read here, you can click above link to see this big toy bag!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Shopping haul plus size

I cannot find suitable pant always and I am happy I found them yesterday at IOI Mall. Even though they are for man but hey I am not alone wearing them. Even my sister-in-law purchased some for herself. Above I purchased at lobby of IOI Mall near Caring Pharmacy, RM35 instead of RM70.

Below pant and belt I got them from FOS outlet at IOI Mall too, even though I am size 36 inch but I am happy  can fit in size 34. I am so happy this pant only RM5 and my sister-in-law purchased two pairs one in blue just like below another in brown colour. I love these pants, they have got plenty of pockets!
Look at the slim belt I have got from FOS outlet, it comes in black, yellow, white, and other colour I love this design and I picked this black and white colour. I bought them both at RM11 only at FOS outlet in IOI Mall.
Psss.. should I wear the belt lower? LOL my dear telling me that I need wear it lower.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Dior freebie for me

If you like the freebie above picture don't forget to go the Dior Addict Extreme Roadshow, today they are at Sunway Pyramid from 4pm to 10pm. I am so happy that I have collect the semi-permanent tattoo and the Diowsnow UV shield BB cream SPF 50 PA+++ sample which I redeem from Dior counter at Subang Parade when I visited the roadshow at Empire Gallery this morning.

They were setting when I get there and I was told that I need to wait til 11.30am to get in the bus. When I had my picture taken with my baby the Dior gals came down the bus. One of them pass me a card to fill so that I can go in the bus to try the Dior Addict Extreme lipstick, you can only choose one colour!

I am happy my sister-in-law is in love with her pink Dior Addict Extreme colour. She plans to purchase it when she wants to attend wedding dinner.

The Warung:Nasi Lemak

It is my second time to dine at The Warung at Midvally shopping mall. I have the above nasi lemak with ayam goreng RM8.90. My dear had below the Nasi Lemak Rendang Daging RM9.50. My son had indo mee burger ayam RM6.90 and my sister-in-law had nasi lemak ayam rendang RM8.90.

The lunch cost us RM52.60, the drink teh cold RM3.50, milo cold RM4.00, kopi hot RM2.70, and kopi o cold RM3.40.
Above is nasi lemak ayam goreng RM8.90.

Next Wednesday I will be going to Midvalley alone to attend the LG Cinema Smart TV party, I still have an invitation and looking for someone who can go with me. The party starts at 6.30pm and need to wear Casual, it is held at GSC lounge at the Garden.

Monday, May 14, 2012

The Warung @Midvalley

It is my first time to dine at The Warung at Midvalley, my son had good time there. He loves the mee goreng with Fried eeg. On Mothers Day I go there again and I has nasi lemak with fried chicken and Teh tarik ice.

Shopping baby gifts at Sunway Pyramid

This morning head to Sunway Pyramid with just few hours to shop there as I need to go pickup my son from kindergarten later on. My sister in law and baby came along so much to carry and I rent a stroller from concierge counter. It is free of charge I just need give my driving license and RM50 then fill up a form. I choose to go Jusco where I can collect points but sadly their air conditioner sucked, it is so warm there. There is limited choice of baby hampers. There is sales at Midvslley Jusco yesterday but I never buy because sister in law told me that she needs to visit neighbor newborn baby and I need to buy it today. If she told me yesterday I would buy at Jusco Midvalley, so many hampers to choose from range rm58 and above. At Jusco Sunway Pyramid I unable find any baby gift that within my budget. I ended up shopping at Parkson Sunway Pyramid. I bought baby clothes set about rm40, a Pooh bag Rm30. This gift for neighbor and I bought another baby cloth set about rm40 for my friend's baby boy, yeah both of them having baby boys and I see the baby girl sets on sale. The baby girl sets only rm30. I bought a pair of baby shoes for my baby boy, he is going to be one year old next month. It cost only Rm10, it is last pair so good deal. My spending less than RM110, I able to join the Fashion Freak contest of Sunway Pyramid, wish me luck. Parking at Sunway Pyramid cost me RM1. I had breakfast there at Jusco food court the sizzling mee and Teh Tarik ice cost me RM13.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Street Love Reader's Appreciation 1st Blog Giveaway!

Here comes the Street Love Reader's Appreciation 1st Blog Giveaway! No kidding look at the awesome prize above pictue, there is more if you visit the giveaway link for detail. Street Love is so generous just look at the goodies she is giving away, all items are purchased by her. I love to visit her blog to see her shopping haul, freebies on Magazines, skin care review, and so on.

I am nail polish person I love nail polish, look at my collection below. I heart pink colour so you see I have some in pink, other is black, blue, red and other you can see in the picture.

Now back to this giveaway it will be wonderful if I can win it, I love to have Mother's Day present for myself. My mom likes nail polish too, if she comes I can apply nail polish for her.

Giveaway ends on 15 May,2012.
Hurry up click above link to take part.
Giveaway open to blogger with address in Malaysia.