Friday, May 25, 2012

Mickey Mouse@MidValley

 I am so happy tomorrow I will be at Midvalley with my family, my dear wants to visit PC EXPO there. I went to Midvalley few days back and they were Mickey Mouse just like in the picture which I have taken. I am sure tomorrow and Sunday they will be lots of people there.

My first time to The Gardens I manage redeem the Laneige at Isetan as I cannot find Laneige counter at Jusco or Metrojaya. Isetan in The Gardens, I see not many people shopping there. The food court at the Gardens is quiet, the Borders bookstore got Starbucks inside and many people sitting there to drink coffee and play their notebook or phones.

I have received an invitation for June I am not sure if my application to go success, it is weekday and lucky it fall on School holiday! I don't need to fetch my son from Kindergarten.

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