Sunday, May 27, 2012

June Vanity Trove is here

My first time subcription to Vanity Trove is here, it is June Vanity Trove. The beautiful box consists of skin care and hair care products. The price of RM50 has increased to RM60, you see that I have subscribed paying RM60 of it. I will be going more detail of this beauty box when I have time.

This month is Best Friends Summer, Spritzey Ditzy Fun! Next month July is beauty month, are you going to start subscribed to Vanitry Trove today? For only $25 each month, subscribe to receive a trove delivered right to your door step each month!

I received this box all the way from Singapore! I love the packing it is so cute, I don't know the contain of item at all when I first subscribed it is full of beautiful surprises! They are total of beauty items contain in this beauty box.

You can share with me about your Vanitry Trove of this month, whether the items are same with yours or not. As I know not all subscribers having all the same items.

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