Thursday, May 31, 2012

Contest: A Date with Julie's

My son Sean loves to eat biscuits, he loves Julie's Biscuit Assorties. He loves to eat biscuits and this time he chooses to take picture with his favourite biscuits. Look at his happy smile holding the biscuits, he just had his biscuits so I told him of A Date with Julie's, he wants to be part of it. Sometimes he eats in the morning and supper time, he also shares his biscuits with his classmates.

His friends and him often trade biscuits, he would takes some biscuits to class and trade with his classmates. Sean loves the yummylicious biscuits, when shopping he would pick the Julie's biscuits. The biscuits not only for him alone to enjoy but for the whole family. I like to dip the biscuit with warm milo or warm coffee, the biscuit melt instantly in my mouth.

My baby boy who is turning one year old, he likes to eat the biscuit too. He enjoy eating biscuit while watch TV.

Above is my entry for CONTEST:A DATE WITH JULIE'S


Nurain Syahirah said...

Your baby so cute..:D

Nurain Syahirah said...

Your baby so cute...:Daca

Nurain Syahirah said...

Your baby so cute

Nurain Syahirah said...

your baby so cute..:D

Sherry said...

Hi Nurain Syahirah thanks