Sunday, June 3, 2012

Looking for glass perfume bottles

I am sure everyone has got their favourite perfumes, every man and woman would prefer the perfumes that like to wear daily. I know we cannot the big size of perfume bottle in the bag, now we can look for glass perfume bottles that fit in our bag. I visited this website and found various size and shape of glass perfume bottles. I like the 1/3 oz clear bottle with roll on & black lid, it is just like the second picture above. I know my friends like to carry perfumes that they like they can keep both bottles inside their bag, there is clear 1/3 oz clear bottle with roll on & white lid.

Now they have the sizes of glass perfume bottles that you prefer, you can have more than one glass perfume bottle in the bag. Sometimes we are in a hurry we tend to forgot to put on the perfume, now there is no worry because we can keep the small size glass perfume bottles in our bag where ever we go.

We can select the type and size of glass perfume bottles; I like the 5ml Magenta bottle and Aqua bottle. You can keep them in your bags; I know some friends tend to keep more than one perfume. Don't just read here go ahead and grab the perfume bottles that you prefer.

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