Sunday, May 20, 2012

Shopping haul plus size

I cannot find suitable pant always and I am happy I found them yesterday at IOI Mall. Even though they are for man but hey I am not alone wearing them. Even my sister-in-law purchased some for herself. Above I purchased at lobby of IOI Mall near Caring Pharmacy, RM35 instead of RM70.

Below pant and belt I got them from FOS outlet at IOI Mall too, even though I am size 36 inch but I am happy  can fit in size 34. I am so happy this pant only RM5 and my sister-in-law purchased two pairs one in blue just like below another in brown colour. I love these pants, they have got plenty of pockets!
Look at the slim belt I have got from FOS outlet, it comes in black, yellow, white, and other colour I love this design and I picked this black and white colour. I bought them both at RM11 only at FOS outlet in IOI Mall.
Psss.. should I wear the belt lower? LOL my dear telling me that I need wear it lower.

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