Thursday, October 28, 2010

Check out Wedding Websites

From start I am sure most of you will be getting to know each other first before you going out for a date with one another. I am just check out wedding websites, dating takes time to know each other, there is so much to talk about wedding plan. If you think of having a family, you will need to get married first. Everyone has got their different thought about wedding and marriage. I remember my friends telling where to find the wedding blog now I know where to tell them. Anyone in the family planning to get married, I know my best friend going to but somehow there is change of plan. They decided to delay the wedding, but this give them chance to check out the wedding websites that available online.

If you are looking for wedding window, check out the wedding website. You can make a survey before you make the final decision. I know I take time to survey them due to budget. You can packages that available from this site, the packages start from Free, $10.99, $59, $79 (most popular), $99, $199.

So far I find them unique and it is easy to understand to use and create a website. You can check out their wedding planning tools. The planning tools will help you in many ways such as budget tracker, check list, invitation workshop and many more.

Bad service of slimming centre

I love shopping and taking part in contest, I have the advantage to win a slimming voucher for full body treatment. I am sad to say that the consultant is very pushy on sales, means that she will ask you about your budget. I find it bad impression for me, if I have tried the slimming voucher first then I only know if I will take up any of their courses. I didn't take up any at the moment, one of the reasons they are pushy on sales. They insist that I put on MYR$50 for booking the space, I don't need that because I know I need the money for groceries shopping.

I happen to join many offline contests and it is my first time to try the slimming voucher. For you info I feel I don't get the full body treatment as stated in the voucher.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Win a Cat Pendant

I love giveaway and I also like cat, so now you can find out how to win a Cat Pendant.

Left is CAT A Right is CAT B

To take part just click on above link.

Giveaway ends on 31 Oct, 2010.

Good luck. .

Waiting contest result

I love blogging and I love contest I realized that my time on blogging and contest taken up so much of my life time at real world. It is a big world out there and I hope my dearest will share with me the nature and everything in life.

In the mean time we are just waiting for the contest result of Red. SO far two participants with Address in Malaysia so I can send them the freebies which I mention in earlier post. Shopping is fun but I prefer to shop with my loved one. I have bad experience shopping with people I know it was disappointment that because I thought best friendship forever but it is not.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My first walkman

I like to listen to radio and music, so you are looking at my first walkman. It is my first one because I used it during my education at school. I remember using it for more than hundred times, when comes to education it is very useful and important too. Before I go to bed at night I would record the studies in the cassette because I need to play it over and over again so that I remember them. Sometimes I am forgetful so examination is near so I need to play it over and over again to remember them. I like this walkman but sad to say it is not working anymore. I have this picture to share with you it is best memory for me. This walkman can reverse and playback.

You can try this out if you have time, but I think it is individual to experience it. You can even share with me how do you plan for your examination. Now comes to walkman I think not many people using them now, now they have MP3 and MP4. I have a MP3 and I gave to my darling to use it.


Sunday, October 10, 2010

Shopping for bras online

Above the Calvin Klein strapless bra with lace

With Internet access today we are able to shop online. I love bras and I found a website with calvin klein bras to share with you. I like the above bra is Calvin Klein strapless bra with lace. I think it looks good if you are wearing off shoulder dress with the bra. HER ROOM is full with assortment and variety of woman apparel.

Being a woman you not only need to take care of your body you need to find the suitable bra to fit your breasts. I know ladies like to shop for their man; wife will be the one to buy underwear for their husband. I can tell you shopping for the suitable underwear for man are noting to be easy. With Internet access you can find there is plenty of choice underwear from this website.

I love to shop for lingerie; I know there is time to pamper myself. I am looking at fruit of the loon, there are sale items available. You can also find fruit of the loom men at the website. Now if you want to know about the free shipping don't forget to find out from the website. You can also call them at 800-558-6779.

How to upload pictures from camera to PC

I am having hard time to post the picture from my camera, I am using the Canon Camera. I have the SD card and I want to upload the pictures. After insert the card to my notebook it does not come out the picture asking me to save or import. The pictures that saves in folder are too big and every time I need to upload them I need to resize them.

Anyway care to share with me how do make the SD card after put in notebook it will auto show up asking you to upload or import pictures. Now I don't see that any more I need to copy paste the picture to folder.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Nutri Essential Facial Treatment@Facial First

I have won a voucher for one session of Nutri Essential Facial Treatment@Facial First the voucher worth MYR$330. I choose the location at Boulevard Midvalley because it is nearest for me and it has the Bizzy Body Slimming Centre there that I can do the full body treatment that I won from the offline Magazine Contest. For your information you can do facial and slimming at the same location even though they are different department. :D You can dial o3-22838830 at Facial First for more detail.

This morning when I reached there is before 12noon as my appointment is at 12noon. I don't know the location of the BizzyBody so I call them to ask. I am happy to see that the Bizzy Body Slimming Centre is just opposite Boulevard Hotel. I first find Peggy as I told her about the vouchers I won from the Her World Magazine. Peggy is friendly and I love her big smile, she is friendly and she show me where to go. I first head to Facial First area because my appointment is to do the facial first then for the e-Intense Full Body Treatment.

This post is about Nutri Essential Facial Treatment@Facial First, the consultant to ask me to fill the form is Joveen. She is friendly and explain to me the condition of my skin care. I know my skin the acne turning to red then to brown later become the spot on my face. The girl that help me with the facial is Theresa, she is soft spoken and explain on what she is going to use for my face. Before that Joveen show me the way of toilet and changing area.

There is single comforter in the room so you don't get cold, I enjoy the facial treatment with shoulder massage. facial treatment and yeah there is pain (no pain no gain) because my last facial treatment more than 10 years ago. I like the end result of the treatment I can feel the difference of my face. The towel used at the Facial First has lemon scented I like the smell. :D I also like the mask is fruity smell just nice for me. The facial treatment I had is one and half hour.

I am not sure how much the facial courses there, you can call them up to check. You can let them know about your budget. As I know I need to save money for facial or body treatment because I am part time blogger now and I have family to support. You need to make appointment if you have interest to do facial treatment.

Bizzy Body The Slimming Expert, you can also check out or toll free 1-800-888-330.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Blue and Pink matter

I love contest and I still need vote for the Pink Ribbon. Yeah I have got Pink Ribbon on my face, I did the makeup myself. I took the picture myself, I am going to try my luck in the contest. It is based on highest votes to win, so you know how hard it is to gain vote. You will need to register first then you can vote me. I am isherry, I have got pink scarf and pink top in the picture.

You are looking at the blue clothes that I found in my closet. Believe it or not I can still fit in, one of the reasons the pant gone loose I mean the spring. Anyway I thought giving away this to my sister-in-law but think of it I am keeping it myself. I wore this once and I still love it. You can see the detail of the design by click the picture.

Yeah I am still busy with a contest that based on points, what can I say I can just try my best. I mention of the contest before, it is related to Red. :D You can check my older posts about the contest.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Love me, vote me

I love blogging and also update on things that interest me. I have taken part in a contest recently and it is based on voting, I hope you check out the wear the Pink ribbon. It is me with the pink ribbon on face, I did the make up myself. I am isherry, you can click on the above link to see and if you are interested to vote me you will need to register first. It is free to register and so far I have gained five votes.

This is breast cancer awareness month, here's the picture of me in pink. Due to long term of long term of staying up late for the contest, I have squink eyes.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

No pad lingerie

I like lingerie and I almost purchase the red bra you saw in the picture, I was told there is no pad for this bra. I choose to purchase two bras that I like, they are Avon brand and I find that this brand is long lasting bra compare the bra that I usually purchase from the shopping mall. I am paying for the quality of the bra, I choose the bra not just the design but also the comfortable for my breasts. You can check out the bra I purchase I posted at this blog.

I am plus size UK14 and I know that it is not easy for me to find suitable bra. I never stop looking and I always give the bra a try before I purchase them. I find some old bras in the closet, they do not fit me anymore because some of them out of shape. Some of the straps are loose and the material not the same anymore.

When I am shopping for bra, I don't look only at the price but also the quality of the bra. I notice that some bra even though the price is reasonable but they do not last long. I find some bra that only last for three months than I need to purchase again.