Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Crocs clearance sales

If you like cros and like sales, take time to go Hotel Sri Petaling showroom 32-0-01 ,Grd floor from 10am to 7pm.

Sales start on 29 March to 7 April 2013.

I received sms on this sales info.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Shopping Haul from Watson!

Today my haul from Watson Subang Parade, it is Active Guard body wash RM5.85, Nano White Cleansing milk RM16.91, with RM20 purchase above I get to purchase the Total Image Beauty Dutox Tea for only RM13, this pack comes with 24 tea bags! The usual price of this Total Image Beauty Dutox Tea RM26 for 20 tea bags.

I am sharing the Total Image with my sister-in-law, it is depends on individual if they can take this drink. I tried a cup of this tea, frankly speaking it gives me a headache! Okay I might give it another try tomorrow. You can drink one or two cups a day, it is drink after meal.

Total spend for the day RM35.76.


Sunday, March 17, 2013

RM9.90 man's short pants!

It is happy moment for me, I found man's short pants for my dad and for myself. No kidding only RM9.90 and with many different colours to choose from and two or three styles of pants. I grabbed two for myself, and today I thrown out the broken pants of mine. I bought one for my dad, knowing that he loves short pants.

I found this good deal in Giant USJ, yeah even the poultry is cheap! My dear chosen three poultry, each cost less than RM4 a kg.

If you love cake, you gonna try the cake in Giant USJ. After trying it, I saw a woman grabbed four packet of it! For my dear he only grabbed two flavour chocolate and marble cake, he knows I love to eat marble cake. Thank you dear. :D

Another reason I love shopping in Giant USJ they have got the pushing car trolley for toddler and kids to sit on. Yeah this will entertain them for at least half an hour for mommy to do the shopping. The other I saw a family grabbing three of the trolleys because they have three boys!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Shopping for Organic skin care

Being woman is wonderful, we get to shop for things we love and care. My friends told they like to shop for Organic skin care because they are caring about the earth. With Internet access I find it is convenient to shop online then going out to shopping, don't forget that I need to be early out to avoid the traffic and finding the parking spot plus queue up for payment at counter.

I visited the website and found they are variety choices to choose from, the website is user friendly and easy to browse. You can get free shipping with order over $49 Std. Ground  or $5.49 flat rate, for detail you can visit the website.

If you are looking for the finest organic beauty, get start with this website. They are having March Sales on variety of products suitable for everyone and pets. If you love for gifts, they have beauty gift sets to choose from.

Being woman we can never left out of facial care, we need to care for face every day. Now you can pamper your skin with natural skincare products. I am going to tell my girl friends about this website, they are looking for sun care products.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

DIY photo frame using paper bags!

I am sure everyone needs to go shopping and I have many paper bags. I make use of them beside going for shopping with it I also use them as photo frame. No kidding you can check out my DIY photo frame here, if you like it you can vote me. :D

Paper bags are much more useful than plastic bags, it depends what you use it on as well.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Bought Carrefour diapers in AEON Big

Being mommy of two boys, I am busy juggling lifestyle. So I didn't have time to put him on napkin even though we do give him wear napkin like once or twice a day. I found good sale in diapers, looks like AEON Big is clearing the Carrefour brand products.

Last night we head the AEON Big in Subang Jaya, I found the diapers XL size 20 pieces. I thought they were sold out because I couldn't find in the baby's area. They are available one floor down near the beverage area.

RM8 or RM10 a packet for XL size 20 pieces, it depends which you are choosing. You can find the picture in my instagram find sherrygo!