Monday, August 27, 2012

Snake woman and me

First picture isn't me but can't help it, so pretty couple of Lion with the orange girl. Below picture of a woman with snake! My son is not fan of snake, he scares of snake same goes with sister-in-law.
Sorry for the blurr picture, I was very hungry! But hey my dear manage take a picture of me with the snake woman. Oh yeah I was asking her how old is the snake, she told me the snake is 9 years old. So many people surrounding the snake woman, not many that goes up to picture with her. I wonder why they also bother to snap so much pictures there. LOL
No time to see the camera man for sure, busy touching the snake. :D
Oh yeah check out the beautiful lion of Sunway Pyramid, the couple so cute right? Look at their tails!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Sammy 2 in 3D@Paradigm

I caught this Sammy 2 sand works at One Utama GSC and it is so lovely I need to snap it! Today I head to Paradigm with my son, I bring him to see this movie Sammy2 I was told there is only in 3D. If don't want 3D need to go Tropicanal CIty Mall, I don't know how to go Tropicanal City Mall. I won tickets to see movie at Tropicanal City Mall but sadly I don't know how to go there. Maybe find one day I try driving there, I scare of getting lost.

This movie Sammy2 about two Turtles how they escape from the paradise, the two babies turtle Ricky and her sister how they want to help save their grandpa. It is my son first time to catch the movie in 3D, it is my second time to wear 3D glasses to see movie. One lady with two kids, she says that she head to Tropicanal City Mall first and was told the movie only start at 1pm so she comes here but she didn't know movie here is in 3D.

This movie running 88 minutes I am sure kids love it! My son was complaining the pain on his nose wearing the glasses, we kept switching glasses for several times. I don't feel any pain, but he does. Umm.. perhaps he has big nose?

We saw this movie at Hall 4, just seven people including my son and me watching this movie today from 12noon.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Olympic Monkey Spirit

Are you interested to purchase the Olympic Monkey Spirit key chains? Well check out the Kipling shop, you can click the above for the detail.

Check out the available Olympic Monkey Spirit, they are Belqium Monkey, Brasil Monkey, China Monkey, Germany Monkey, Holland Monkey, Spain Monkey, Japan Monkey, Mexico Monkey, Korea Monkey, France Monkey, Turkey Monkey, Italy Monkey, and US Monkey. Wow look at them, which is your favourite?

My sister-in-law won a prize in Magazine contest, so I need to see when to go collect the prize it is at the office near Midvalley mall. She has been winning a few contests in magazine lately, mostly skin care product now its cosmetics!

Now don't forget to check out giveaway which ends soon at Name Sherry blog.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Shopping for Power Sports Shoes

We are so happy to shop for sports shoes at Midvalley Convention Centre, so good deal at the Bata shoes fair. A pair of sports shoes RM20 and purchase two pairs free one pair it doesn't matter if they are same sports shoes as long the price is the same!

I have got size 5 for my sister in law, size 6 for me and size 9 for my dear. He is so happy purchase good deal shoes. I didn't want to purchase for myself but he suggest this pair of shoes because easy to slip on. Where can you find such good deal in buying shoes?

I know sometimes there is warehouse sales of Scholl but it is lack of luck for me. I have been there and usually run out of size and I don't get to buy any shoes. At Midvalley I am so happy to find the shoes fair, so sad is they run out of stock size 4 and 3 for white shoes. The white shoes only RM15 a pair so cheap!

I also purchase shoes for my one year old boy William! He loves the shoes, it cost RM10 a pair, buy two pairs free one pair.

My dear also purchase Bata sandals as usual is the buy two pairs free one pair of sandals.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Paranorman tickets giveaway

Who want to be the first to watch Paranorman? Now you're having this chance to win find out how now.

I could not make it because same date and time I will see at other place. I can give other go as stated in email the lucky person just need to print out the email and redeem at GSC Midvalley.

Today I will be busy as I am heading to Midvalley this afternoon, it will be my first time to attend workshop. My dear says he will send me and pick me, Emm... Not sure if he want tag the kids there too. My baby very cranky and now he can walk and even run, he is just eleven months old.

I want to upload picture it seems iPad 2 cannot put up pics. 

Friday, August 3, 2012

Product review:Electronic Backseat Driver

I am so happy I have got my hands on this Electronic Backseat Driver, this is cool toy for kids. My sons love it and they are taking turn to play driving. This can be used free standing or in the back of a car with the addiction of the supplied. You can see the suction of the item in above picture.

Features realistic driving sounds; horns, revving engine, gear change and braking. The gear change is fun, it will go up level by level when you press the button. It also includes flashing indicators and illuminated speedo.

The rubber sucker is to suck on the window of the car. There is flashing indications for signal left or right and emergency both lights on signals!

This Electronic Backseat Driver is not suitable for children under 3 years due to small parts. This toy needs to use three AAA batteries.

The yellow parts you see in the picture can be removed so it just left the steering wheel. It is up to your kids on how to play this cool electronic driver toy. My son loves playing this driving toy, he would pretend he is bus driver. :D