Monday, July 30, 2012

Dragon Hat on Chinese New Year

Look at my six year old son, Sean is so happy with this new hat purchased by sister-in-law during the lunch time at Shogun restaurant at Sunway Pyramid. He loves it so much, what a theme for the day, yellow colour and the t-shirt he is wearing orange and yellow.

Sunway Pyramid is my favourite shopping mall because they are so many stores available and you could take all day long to visit the shopping mall. There is theme park available and we will be going there again this September!
I am not able to bring my baby William along because he is young and cranky, he does not like to sit in stroller. He prefers to walk on his own and sits on the floor. I bring him to shopping mall sometimes and borrow the stroller from the concierge counter. I was told they are changing the new stroller soon, that is great the old stroller is dirty and old some of them without the basket at bottom.

My car cannot fit in the stroller which I had, borrow stroller from concierge is my first choice. I am allowed to use the stroller for three hours then need to return it so other peope gets the chance to use it. I usually borrow the stroller at orange.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Ricoh and Dark Knight Rises

I am sure you know that how important it is having a home printer or office printers. Talking of printer take a look at the Ricoh. Ricoh Malaysia has just lanuched its First Black and White Compact Laser Printers the Aficio SP 100 e Series Printers.

Below is the Aficio SP 100e, it is RM299. It is an A4 mono laser printer ideal for personal use. This printer weight at 6.2 kg.

Below is the Afico SP 100SU e, it selling at RM499.  This is multi function printer providing small businesses the option of keeping overheads low. This printer weight at 8 kg.

Below is Aficio SP 100 SF e, it is selling at RM669. This is multi function printer providing small businesses the option of keeping overheads low. This printer weight at 9 kg.

Why Buy Ricoh Aficio SP 100 e Series printers?
  • Affordable price range of RM299 to RM669.
  • Stylish, Compact and Portable stylish and compact design frees up valuable space on your disk. Customers with limited space (students and business people) can place these compact devices on a desktop, shop counter or open shelf - freeing up valuable space.
  • High Productivity prints speeds up to 13ppm A4 with 16MB memory (SP 100 e and SP 100 SU e) / 32 MB memory (SP 100 SF e).
  • High Quality prints up to 1,200 x 600 dpi solution.
  • Easy to Use & Reliable simple and fast USB connectivity. Full front operation and machine access for easy paper jam removal. Easy to change cartridge as well. All models come with the starter AIO (All-In-One) cartridge which are easy to maintain and replace. Robust- durable, these devices have an impression unit life of 50,000 prints. Setup time is reduced as customers can plug the device into the USB slot of the host computer and be ready to print in minutes.
  • Environmental Friendly From a brand with superior environmental credentials. Devices without the ID chips, have designed with the industry- first toner refilling option - a feature that also reduces costs. Energy Saver Mode uses as little as 5 W or less - ideal for customers wanting to reduce their power consumption. Manual duplex printing and the ability print recycled paper offers custoers a way to lower their total cost of ownership (TCO) by reducing waste.
Now there is 100 Exlusive rewards upon purchase of any Ricoh Aficio SP 100 e series printer! This is going to be on going until 31 August, 2012.
I am sure you like to get your hands on the Dark Knight Rises merchandise.

Good news to students I am sure you like to know the Campus Tour Schedule, here is the following schedule:

For detail you may check out ( and Facebook Fan Page (

Monday, July 23, 2012

ALL ABOUT EYES!- Asian Beautifier Giveaway!

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Giveaway open to everyone to take part, it ends on 23 Aug, 2012.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

First time@Paradigm Mall

Above is picture of me and my son, I can carry him then but now look at him below picture. I cannot carry him anymore, he is six year old now.

We took him to Paradigm Mall at Kelana Jaya for the first time, we have hard time finding parking and the route in parking very confusing. I am not sure if we are going there again, the restaurants are not located in one floor so you need to look high and low for them. Many people at the queue of restaurants so finding food there not easy for us.

We visited the shopping mall last month, I don't know if we are going back there. Some people says the phone reception in car park very bad. I know there is GSC cinema there, many movies available to watch. I am sure now they are many new shops available, if you shopping RM200 and above you get freebie too. We did shopping that day but was late so freebie are out of stock for the day. :(

My sister-in-law wants to see more of this shopping mall because we didn't visit all the floors of the shopping mall. It was late that day in the evening that and we took half hour waiting to queue and eat at the restaurant.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

How I spend RM10 Sasa voucher

Last Sunday we head to Sasa to use this voucher, I decided to shop for nail polish. I found the 012 colour red Magnetic Naga nail polish very nice. I don't think this magnetic stick works on my nail, just look it instead of star it look like just a cross.

The naga nail polish cost RM19.90, the stick RM5.90. I am glad I only purchased a stick instead of two of them I saw another designed of stick there. My friend purchased the same items and she is upset seeing that it doesn't work well on her nails. Let's see now I am paying RM9.90 plus RM5.90 after deduct the RM10 voucher.

We tried many times doing the magnetic nail for the designed and failed. But I am happy to own this colour it is very nice, I just need to apply one layer enough. Above picture you see I have applied more than a layer so turned out not so nice.

If you have interest to know where I got the voucher of RM10, you may visit my other blog to find out. I attended the event at Grand Dorsett Hotel Subang Jaya, the EH! goodie bag comes with this voucher. :D

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

One year old Birthday Cake: yummy fruit cake

Last month my baby William celebrated his birthday, he's 1 year old and my mom-in-law ordered this cake for him. My big boy that enjoy most of the time, he loves this cake but not the fruits. I like this cake it is not too sweet at all, we have simple BBQ at brother-in-law house.

We invited some guests to come mostly they are relatives. The BBQ feels like a long night, my dear busy BBQ for everyone. My boy drank two soft drinks at night. He fall asleep fast in another room without brushing his teeth that night.

I am excited to know what cake for my baby next year.

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Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Hulk on bike t-shirt for him :D

I am happy my boy Sean loves his t-shirt, I purchased this The Hulk on bike t-shirt two weeks ago. He loves it, look at him so happy with his toy hulk in hand. He wears he army pants to match this t-shirt. I am glad I purchased two t-shirts of this another is orange colour. He matches his black shoes with socks for this outfit.

This is his looked of the day to go tea party with me at Palace of Golden Horses. We have good fun at the party even though we didn't win any lucky draw. He have fun playing with balloons, the spikey hair no more because he sweat alot.

He is my partner for this party, I am among 100 Facebook Fans that go for the tea party at PGH with partner. If children under age of five is free to go but he is six so he is my partner. My sister-in-law and baby stays home to wait my dear. They came to fetch us to go dinner at Kajang to eat Satay near the stadium. It is a long day for us, but it is worth we have fun as mother and son. :D

We had play a game and we sweat so much that day. It would be Saturday mother and son party together. :D

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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Smart Phone or Samsung S3 pouch@RM5

No kidding I am so happy I have purchased not one but three pouch which can fit in Samsung S3. Yes it is RM5 each I saw so many colours of the pouch at Daiso, Sunway Pyramid. It is written to fit smart phone and I decided to try my phone and it works!

Yes this pouch fits perfectly for my Samsung S3, I am happy and I can change colour using the pouch. Now could you see which pouch contained my phone inside?

It is tiring day yesteday as I happened to go two shopping mall, they are Sunway Pyramid and Carrefour. Then evening I attended the Anugerah Stail EH! 2012.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Who loves giveaway?

I am sure you love giveaway like me, I hope to start this giveaway soon. It is tired week for me I have scheduled of things to do. At this moment my son watching his cartoon so I able to take time to blog.

Speaking of giveaway check out this giveaway, there is kids toy to win.