Thursday, July 19, 2012

How I spend RM10 Sasa voucher

Last Sunday we head to Sasa to use this voucher, I decided to shop for nail polish. I found the 012 colour red Magnetic Naga nail polish very nice. I don't think this magnetic stick works on my nail, just look it instead of star it look like just a cross.

The naga nail polish cost RM19.90, the stick RM5.90. I am glad I only purchased a stick instead of two of them I saw another designed of stick there. My friend purchased the same items and she is upset seeing that it doesn't work well on her nails. Let's see now I am paying RM9.90 plus RM5.90 after deduct the RM10 voucher.

We tried many times doing the magnetic nail for the designed and failed. But I am happy to own this colour it is very nice, I just need to apply one layer enough. Above picture you see I have applied more than a layer so turned out not so nice.

If you have interest to know where I got the voucher of RM10, you may visit my other blog to find out. I attended the event at Grand Dorsett Hotel Subang Jaya, the EH! goodie bag comes with this voucher. :D

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