Sunday, July 22, 2012

First time@Paradigm Mall

Above is picture of me and my son, I can carry him then but now look at him below picture. I cannot carry him anymore, he is six year old now.

We took him to Paradigm Mall at Kelana Jaya for the first time, we have hard time finding parking and the route in parking very confusing. I am not sure if we are going there again, the restaurants are not located in one floor so you need to look high and low for them. Many people at the queue of restaurants so finding food there not easy for us.

We visited the shopping mall last month, I don't know if we are going back there. Some people says the phone reception in car park very bad. I know there is GSC cinema there, many movies available to watch. I am sure now they are many new shops available, if you shopping RM200 and above you get freebie too. We did shopping that day but was late so freebie are out of stock for the day. :(

My sister-in-law wants to see more of this shopping mall because we didn't visit all the floors of the shopping mall. It was late that day in the evening that and we took half hour waiting to queue and eat at the restaurant.

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