Monday, July 30, 2012

Dragon Hat on Chinese New Year

Look at my six year old son, Sean is so happy with this new hat purchased by sister-in-law during the lunch time at Shogun restaurant at Sunway Pyramid. He loves it so much, what a theme for the day, yellow colour and the t-shirt he is wearing orange and yellow.

Sunway Pyramid is my favourite shopping mall because they are so many stores available and you could take all day long to visit the shopping mall. There is theme park available and we will be going there again this September!
I am not able to bring my baby William along because he is young and cranky, he does not like to sit in stroller. He prefers to walk on his own and sits on the floor. I bring him to shopping mall sometimes and borrow the stroller from the concierge counter. I was told they are changing the new stroller soon, that is great the old stroller is dirty and old some of them without the basket at bottom.

My car cannot fit in the stroller which I had, borrow stroller from concierge is my first choice. I am allowed to use the stroller for three hours then need to return it so other peope gets the chance to use it. I usually borrow the stroller at orange.

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