Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Hulk on bike t-shirt for him :D

I am happy my boy Sean loves his t-shirt, I purchased this The Hulk on bike t-shirt two weeks ago. He loves it, look at him so happy with his toy hulk in hand. He wears he army pants to match this t-shirt. I am glad I purchased two t-shirts of this another is orange colour. He matches his black shoes with socks for this outfit.

This is his looked of the day to go tea party with me at Palace of Golden Horses. We have good fun at the party even though we didn't win any lucky draw. He have fun playing with balloons, the spikey hair no more because he sweat alot.

He is my partner for this party, I am among 100 Facebook Fans that go for the tea party at PGH with partner. If children under age of five is free to go but he is six so he is my partner. My sister-in-law and baby stays home to wait my dear. They came to fetch us to go dinner at Kajang to eat Satay near the stadium. It is a long day for us, but it is worth we have fun as mother and son. :D

We had play a game and we sweat so much that day. It would be Saturday mother and son party together. :D

Now you can head to pink freebie giveaway to take part. :D

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