Sunday, February 28, 2010

HO HO HO my favourite drink

This is my favourite drink and it is expensive drink. I am planning to buy more but I need to check my budget first.

Horlicks among the favourite drink and I have two sachets left with me. I saw this at the mini market yesterday and it cost $44. It is so expensive that I not able to buy it. Need to check out other stall to see I can get cheaper price.

Review Avon Natural Whitening Glow Face Mask

So far I tried this product for twice a week, I started it last week. I like this product as the mask is not completely dried up. It is cream based of mask so you know it is creamy and I put the mask on my face and neck as mention at the back of the mask.

I left it for 15 minutes, yeah I can see the whitening effect of this mask. I need to use it twice a week to see the better result. Have you try this product? Do you like it?

For me this product is valid for money and I will definitely buy this again in future.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Where to buy car and truck accessories?

It is the last day of Chinese New Year it is called Chap Goh Mei. Last week there have been accidents on the road. As you can see the people are there to negotiate and finding out what they can do with their damage vehicles. With Internet access you can easily find where buy truck accessories.

Talking of road accidents we need to be more careful on the road. This site you can find many choices of truck bed cover. I know some people want to keep sake their items in the vehicle, just select the truck bed covers which suitable for your truck.

Now the site has offer of 60% off list price and there are free shipping on the selected items. I know everyone has got a budget you can shop by price which is available at the site. Some of my friends are driving trucks, so it will be nice for them to check out the truxedo.

I just find out that my sister had an accident with her can. There is serious damage of her car and another car. I am sure she will to spare the suitable accessories for the car and truck. 

Friday, February 26, 2010

Server update?

I have got this email but I am not sure who it is from, it has not state it is from who. I wonder which server of blog hosting.

If you are seeing this news, that means you are still in the old server QUAD1.

We are upgrading our new server to Q9550 and hence we have started to move accounts. All accounts are in the new server however not restored yet. They are being restored now as we speak.

Please do not make any modifications yet to your sites to avoid losing updates.

We will send another news when all accounts have been restored in the new server, together with the new nameservers / nameserver IPs.

If you are using our nameservers, you don't have to change anything.

Timeline for the whole transfer / upgrade:

We have purchased a new server and we are targeting to start with the set up of the new server, cPanel installation, server hardening and account transfers starting tomorrow, February 26 and may last up to February 28.

February 26:

- set up of our new server
- installation of pertinent scripts
- build Apache with required modules
- harden the security of the server
- if time permits we might be able to begin with the account transfer by tomorrow

February 27
- migrate all accounts to the new server
- installation of softaculous and whmphp
- hook up the server to our offsite backup server to perform daily and weekly backups
- set up our Nagios monitoring system to monitor the new server

February 28
- set up of our Nagios monitoring system to monitor the new server

Thank you very much for bearing with us.

Beach weddings

My best friend Sam has been dating over a year now. She dreams of having a beach wedding, she told me of the Key West Hotels. It is not just about the perfect wedding as she wants everyone to enjoy themselves too. Beach wedding is a good idea as she can have the honeymoon there.

I know there is more than a beach wedding reason to stay at the hotel like Southernmost Hotel Key West. Some friends are looking for exciting night life they will be happy to check out the detail on this site. I like night life because you will not get sun burn like in the day light.

When I think of holiday and hotels, I want to check out the Key West Suites. I visited this site it is user friendly and easy to browse. Take a visit to this site and don't forget to check out their Events Calendar.

Hello Panda cookies

This is yummy cookies, has anyone tried it? It is not cheap and it is tasty if the cookies are not broken.

Oh yeah I put the cookies on top of my bag, I love this sling bag so much. It is my favourite bag because it can be sling bag, I don't like shoulder bag as it I can only use it at the shopping mall.

I am having bad sneezing nights as it is getting worst, I think it is the air conditional. I got it fixed but I think the air is making my nose sensitive.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

TrimLine Figure Seaweed Soap

My housemate used this soap and she finished using them, she told me that she stays the same. She is trying out other like supplementary pill. I think when you are older it is harder to lose weight.

She is over 40's now and she complains alot about her body and skin. I gave her some skin care products as she just finished some. The set that I given her she not complete finished yet. In the bathroom there are more than three cleansers on the desk. It is all belong to her, I am like her having different skin care products for skin care.

I might need to post up what I am using as sometimes I don't remember the brand.

Glass tiles for home and office

I love shopping and some friends are interested to renovate their home and office. It is the Tiger year and they want something new so I suggest them to check out the glass tile trend. They have internet access from their home and office I am sure they will find time and search the suitable tiles for their home and office.

They believe that having renovation will provide them better feng sui. My friends often listen to feng sui talks and they are interested to check out the new products of the glass and stone tile. With Internet access shopping online has become convenient and possible for everyone. You can save on the glass and stone tiles that you shop and also find out on how you can get free shipping.

Some of my friends are interested in changing the tiles at their home but they have a budget. I think they can check out the clearance items of glass and stone tile which suitable for them. Some people are using the glass and stone tile to make a beautiful wall designs in their bath room. This is the online store where you can find variety of stylish glass tiles and mosaics for your home or office.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Daiki Kafe @Subang Jaya

My friend told me of Daiki Kafe at Subang Jaya, it is next to the budget hotel. The address of Daiki Kafe is 143, Jalan SS15/5A, Subang Jaya, 47500 Selangor.

The restaurant is nearby the Carrefour, and Subang Parade. It is opposite of the Subang Avenue. If you are looking to dine at this area have a visit to Daiki Kafe.

Friday, February 19, 2010

A&W Deluxe Burger and drink

You are looking at the A&W Deluxe Burger, I can tell you that their Root Beer does not taste the same any more. It is more watery and taste not as nice as before, I don't think I will visit them again if they offer such drinks that lack of taste.

Most people dining at A&W the main reason is not the burger but the Root Beer drink. The other day I visited the restaurant with my friends and it is more expensive than KFC. I notice the price on their menu has gone up!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I want get back in shape

I want to get back in shape as I put on weight so much that my favourite dress I cannot fit in any more. My arms are fat and my tummy is huge. Some of my friends told me that going to beauty centre works but I do not have that much money for the courses. It is expensive and some friends told me that their friend spend MYR$8,000 and she did lose some weight but in the end she gain more weight.

Some my friends are trying the SIY and for some of them works but not all of them. You are looking at one of my favourite dress.

Zoo Negara in Malaysia

This is a fun day trip to Zoo Negara, it is located in near Ampang Tesco if not mistaken. Children will like to spend time there to see the animal, there is free show for you to watch but you need to check out the time from the counter.

I have been there for many times since I was a kid. It was my recent trip there to see the show of sea lion, and parrot. I don't remember that I saw the show when I was a kid. I went there with my parents and siblings so long ago.

Dad was the one with camera and he loves to take picture but unfortunately not all pictures can be perfect. Most pictures of me are without head as I am standing tall, he just take picture of my body.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Fireworks all night long

Now you can see the fireworks it was the first day of Chinese New Year which is Valentine's Day as well. I couldn't sleep because of the fireworks all night long, it is not nearby the houses as you can see. Nobody can sleep well that night as we need to wait after 3 in the morning only can get good sleep.

Some fireworks are not allowed to use here but somehow they manage to purchase them. I think they do not care if you want to get good sleep. They love the sight of fireworks and the noise. If my home is nearby I would want to stop as I fear the fireworks hit my roof.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day

I am having terrible backache and I am going to blog a while here. I like to take this moment to wish folks that celebrate Chinese New Year a very happy Chinese New Year. It is special day for everyone as it is Valentine's Day!

I need a good massage for my back because I am having terrible pain. I must be getting old and my friend told me that I look young.

All about baby stroller

I love online shopping and I find that they are many types of baby strollers available. Parents are lucky to find that they can choose the stroller for their baby. If you are going to have a baby girl you will pick pink stroller for your baby. Shopping is fun with your loved one and shop for someone you love.

Quinney strollers are of the the famous brands, you can find many choices of stroller under this site. You can choose to shop by price or by brand. I am sure every parent has got budget in mind. There are clearance sales where you pick out the one that fit in your budget.

With Internet access you can shop from your home or office. You can get the stroller free shipping to your door step. If you are a new parent I am sure you want to check out the stroller reviews to find which is suitable for baby. Not all strollers are suitable for the baby because you need to know the age of your baby. They are choices of jogging strollers, double and triple strollers, umbrella strollers and many more you can find at this site.

Some friends need information on strollers, I suggest to visit this site as it is all about stroller.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Giveaway at My Mom's Best

I am sure you are looking for giveaway, so this Feb giveaway has started just click on the link for more info.

If you take part you stand a chance to win, if not you lose everything. I love giveaway and contest that is why I always participate in them. It is not just for fun but I am also hoping to have the luck to win.

I am also here to wish friends Happy Chinese New Year and Happy Valentine's Day!

Looking for hot tubs and more

It is going to be Chinese New Year soon, the first day is also Valentine's Day. I am sure you are going to find it a memorial day. Shopping for your loved one can be so challenging as you need to find out what she or he wants. Why not pick out one which both of you can enjoy.

I am sure everyone enjoy the hot tubs, you can have fun together. You will need red wine or champagne and some grapes or strawberry with chocolate dip to enjoy. It is going to be fun to soak in alone or together. When I think of hot tubs I also think of fireplaces. They are many choices on the fireplaces and you can find this site user friendly and easy to browse.

Fireplaces are where you can keep each other warm. You can have a good chat and good time together. With Internet access you can shop from your home or office. Find out the Super Savings in 2010 for your budget. They provided free shipping with orders above $50. I would click on the Clearance Sales to see what I like to purchase.

Some friends are going to have renovation at their place. I am sure they will want to pick a new fireplace for their new home. I never fail to read their terms and conditions before making order. You can always contact them if you want to know more.

I love shopping and I will see the pictures of the items before make my decision. I like to compare the prices and note the items that I like to keep in mind. With Internet access you can choose to shop online or call them at 1-888-611-4FIRE (4347), they have extended the hours from 7am to 9pm. They are open on weekends so you can bring along your loved one to shop.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Will they lose international shoppers?

I have been shopping at Eyeko since last year but this year they started to have the charges on the shipping. I don't think I will shop again at Eyeko. They might not see it that the charges of shipping mean so much to me.

Well at least I had a blast in year 2009, I am having Eyeko products which I not try out yet. Anyway they used to provide free shipping to worldwide. I don't mind to wait for the parcel if it gets three weeks to reach here.

They still provide free shipping at certain country, to find out head to You can use ambassador code E3624 during check out. :)

Friday, February 5, 2010

Real sakura flower in Malaysia!

My friend went to SS14 shop at Subang Jaya, she saw the florist shop with many flowers. She purchase some and she saw the real sakura flowers a pot selling above MYR$100. You can find the shop at SS14 Subang Jaya, it is same roll with the Proton Service Centre.

I like flower but I am not going to buy the flowers, last time I purchase some flowers with pot and the flowers are not growing any more. All I can see now just leaf. So you better think twice if you want to purchase flower that not mean for your weather and location. I know they do not last long, some folks with money will purchase them!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Nail polish mix and match

I am still using the Givenchy nail polish even though having trouble with the cap. I am using pink nail polish to mix with the Givenchy nail polish. Well I applied the pink nail polish first then only apply this Givenchy nail polish.

About the picture above, I used marker pen to draw on my nails. Well it was fun to take part in a contest and I am glad that I was a lucky voter of the contest.

I will need time to try out the Eyeko nail polish. I have not finished testing them all.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Fashion tube and jacket

Here goes me again with the mix and match that I created. What do you think of it? I am quite worry if I have fat arms, do you think so?

Another picture of what I am going to wear for Chinese New Year. Do you think the legging match the tube? The blue jacket is brand new and I purchase it from Jusco sometimes ago.

Some people will tell me that I not look good in them. I think match them with sandals as I find it more comfortable. I thought of wearing boots but it is so hot here like summer doesn't think that is suitable.

I love this tube dress as I purchase it online and I kept in closet. Running through the clothes you will find some new and used. I don't think I will just put on the red tube as I need the jacket to match with it.

Vivitone Mask 100% fruit

I love using mask and I tried this once, it is present by my friend Janice. It is my first time to try this I don't know where you can purchase this as I don't see it at local drug store.

You can use mask at least twice a week. I saw my friend using mask today and it is sample mask that she got it from a shopping mall. She told me that she is going to share one sample tube with me but she not given me any so far. I think she just wants to keep it for herself. She has been under the sun so much that her skin tan. It is not same colour if her sleeve is up. Very obvious to see the tan on her fit with the flip flop.

Still loving this Lux

I am still using it and earlier I took part in a contest but I never get the Prize. Even I have email to them they do not response to me. Sad after making effort to join the contest they promise to give prize but I never get it. It was last year and the Prize supposed to come from Singapore.

I think if they are not able to send the Prize then they shouldn't be organize the contest. Sometimes after using it I get bitten by many mosquitoes.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Cookie dough fundraiser

It is going to be Chinese New Year soon, some friends want to know about fundraising. It is good deed to do putting money in fundraising, you can find this site with free brochure on cookie dough fundraiser. Most people love cookies and they can have it during breakfast, snack time, and even supper time.

I am sure now you know where to find free brochure and order forms online. You get to select the types of cookies that you like. Free shipping is available but I am sure there is terms and conditions on it. Find out if you want to be part of cookie dough fundraisers. I have friends that like to calculate and this site provides you the chart to see the pricing and profit of cookie dough fundraising.

Some people cannot resist the delicious yummy cookies, you can choose a few flavour of the cookies. I suggest choosing the low sugar so folks can enjoy them as well. Think of fundraising give a try on the cookie dough fundraising that can make profit. I am sure this is popular at school and church. Visit this site to see how much per tub/box of the delicious cookies.

Shogun Buffet at Sunway Pyramid

Just want to share with you the price of Shogun Buffet at Sunway Pyramid. My friend stayed at the Sun Inn Hotel nearby Sunway Pyramid it is cheap as one night only $70. I am not sure if they are going there again as she told me that she is planning to go Melacca this Chinese New Year.

I want to go dine Shogun but not now as it is expensive for us to go. I love the sushi and the western food which are available there. We used to go Kampachi but it is expensive now. The price of dining at Shogun on public holidays and weekends are expensive.

My parents might want to dine at Shogun but we will see about that, probably a few months from now.

Whitening cream worked for my mom

That day I blogged about Avon product the orange peel extract cream. I remember this is suitable for people in their 20's and my mom is in her 60's. She tried out the cream that I given to her and I can see her pigment spots lighten. She is so happy to know and many of her friends saying she is fair.

I am not using the Avon orange cleanser but I am using other type of Avon cleanser. It is the rice bran and I am almost finished to use it.

Above is a sun screen lotion that I am using. I like this and it also helps me to prevent mosquitoes bite. I know it is not for prevention of mosquitoes but this help me. It is easy to apply and I use it on my hands, body and face.

Fashion flower red top

This is my prelove blouse that I like very much, it is red in colour. I cannot fit in any more it is suitable for L size and small XL size.

I still having it in my closet I am going to put it on swap blog so I can swap for other things. By the way my giveaway is coming up soon at My Mom's Best. Be sure to click the link find out.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Cruise travel from Long Beach,California

I have been planning for a holiday, I prefer to take a cruise for holiday as I heard so much fun and experienced from my friends. My dream holiday will be going on Long Beach cruises. With Internet access today I can simply log on my computer and find the information online. I find this site with useful tips and guide for holiday and travel.

Friends in the U.S who thinking to go on a cruise travel from Long Beach, California. How you like going on a fun trip on cruise line that offering cruises from Long Beach. I know you will want to bring along your camera to snap beautiful beach. I think everyone thinking of their budget this year. You can find this site with the cruise deals that interest you. Planning on a family holiday is fun!

I want to dine at the Long Beach restaurants. They have many unique restaurants to choose from. If I am going on a vacation I will think of what I can eat. If you feel the same you will need to find a travel agency that specializes in cruise travel. Why not take a look at this site, they involved in the Long Beach tourism industry.

You can survey first before making your decision, you can find this site with useful info on the Long Beach hotels. I know you need to know the location and key hotel info like the hotel is near the shopping area or not. I will choose hotel that is near dining areas and shopping for convenient. You will want to find a hotel where you can rest and shower.

If you want a detail planning on a cruise and travel you can get start with this site. If you are thinking to go Long Beach, California I find the sites mention above useful.