Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Cookie dough fundraiser

It is going to be Chinese New Year soon, some friends want to know about fundraising. It is good deed to do putting money in fundraising, you can find this site with free brochure on cookie dough fundraiser. Most people love cookies and they can have it during breakfast, snack time, and even supper time.

I am sure now you know where to find free brochure and order forms online. You get to select the types of cookies that you like. Free shipping is available but I am sure there is terms and conditions on it. Find out if you want to be part of cookie dough fundraisers. I have friends that like to calculate and this site provides you the chart to see the pricing and profit of cookie dough fundraising.

Some people cannot resist the delicious yummy cookies, you can choose a few flavour of the cookies. I suggest choosing the low sugar so folks can enjoy them as well. Think of fundraising give a try on the cookie dough fundraising that can make profit. I am sure this is popular at school and church. Visit this site to see how much per tub/box of the delicious cookies.

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