Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Still loving this Lux

I am still using it and earlier I took part in a contest but I never get the Prize. Even I have email to them they do not response to me. Sad after making effort to join the contest they promise to give prize but I never get it. It was last year and the Prize supposed to come from Singapore.

I think if they are not able to send the Prize then they shouldn't be organize the contest. Sometimes after using it I get bitten by many mosquitoes.


melandria said...

so sad that your prize is not yet given to you.

I have a favor, please do vote for me at Yousaytoo awards, i am one of the finalists and the voting will only be until feb. 9, you can vote for me everyday if that is not much.
Just follow the links and click the RATEIT button.

thank you so much.

Sherry said...

hi melandria yeah I voted both :) good luck to you!