Tuesday, November 28, 2017

‘Her World Best Home Cook 2017’ contest

 It's a beautiful Tuesday, later going to send my son for tuition. Last Saturday indeed a fruitful day as there's Tefal Carnival at SACC in Shah Alam. There's also ‘Her World Best Home Cook 2017’ contest. Excited to see so many participants that took part and they created many beautiful dishes as you can scroll below to view. Good to see each participants getting ready to cook delicious meals.
 At the Tefal Carnival many booths available and nice promotion going on at the venue. It's easy to go there using the Waze app.
 Once again congratulations to the winners who won Prizes of the ‘Her World Best Home Cook 2017’ contest. Great food as you can see above, each is unique and healthy at each bite.Look at the creative Alce Nero's pasta and pasta sauce or fruit jam they have created using these ingredients.
Alce Nero products
When you think of what to cook, it's always to share with friends and family members on recipe.

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