Sunday, December 17, 2017

Colgate Naturals Brings Healthier Smiles to Malaysians, Inspired by Nature

Being mom of two boys with busy lifestyle, I never forget the important of oral care. The Colgate Naturals are suitable for kids 7 years old and above.

Having provided quality and innovative oral care products for more than two centuries globally, Colgate continues to inspire consumers to take better care of their oral health from the most primary step – through their toothpaste. In line with that, Colgate today introduces a new range of toothpaste inspired by nature – Colgate Naturals, designed to meet consumers’ gravitation towards a more wellness-focused lifestyle. With natural extracts such as lemon, tea tree oil, aloe vera, seaweed salt and crystalline salt, Colgate Naturals comes in three variants: Pure Fresh, Real White and Gum Comfort.

Taking prominence across Asia, consumers are at a stage of heightened awareness, actively having conversations around the need for a healthier life1. When it comes to personal care, consumers are becoming more conscious of the choice of products used. This highlights the fact that consumers are beginning to seek products that will provide an uplifting experience while improving their overall well-being. This growing awareness was also reported in the Nielsen Global Corporate Sustainability Report 2015, indicating that 60% of Malaysians (above the global average) are more likely to consume products that are made from fresh, natural or organic ingredients.

Peter Torrington, General Manager of Colgate-Palmolive Malaysia said: “Over the years, we have seen an emerging trend of increased advocacy towards health and wellness across Asia, particularly Malaysia as well. In fact, these concepts are slowly but surely becoming the new lifestyle symbol for millennial Asians, with Malaysians included into the fold. As such, the introduction of our new Colgate Naturals range comes at an opportune time, in which we continue to widen oral care offerings for our consumers.”

As one of the leading pioneers in the oral care industry, Colgate is paving the way with innovative products in the oral care category that stems from its in-depth understanding of consumers’ needs. This has led Colgate to reshape the market with leading innovations such as Colgate Sensitive Pro Relief, the No.1 Anti-Sensitivity toothpaste recommended by dentists, and Colgate Total Charcoal Deep Clean – the first of its kind in the market to combine our clinically proven formulation of 12-hour2 anti-bacterial protection with a winning local ingredient of micro charcoal particles for even deeper cleaning.

Adding to its range of comprehensive oral care products, Colgate Naturals marks its foray into the natural category offering, providing consumers with a nature-inspired toothpaste to complete their overall wellness regimen, in their quest for a healthier life.

Peter added: "As a trusted household brand worldwide in the oral hygiene market, innovation has long been embedded in our culture, to constantly drive the company in identifying new products that are able meet the ever-changing needs of our consumers. Time and again, Colgate has reshaped the market and today, we endeavour to continue this success with the introduction of Colgate Naturals.

Inspired by nature, our new Colgate Naturals range of toothpaste aims to offer a breath of fresh air in the oral care category, in tandem with shifting consumer consumption habits seeking to enhance their overall wellbeing,” concluded Peter.

Healthier Smiles Inspired by Nature

Available in three variants, Colgate Naturals combines the goodness of nature’s best ingredients with Colgate’s oral care expertise, for healthy smiles inspired by nature.
They are:

· Colgate Naturals Pure Fresh 
– containing lemon oil and aloe vera extracts for long lasting fresh breath, with a zesty lemon aftertaste to leave your mouth with that fresh clean feeling;

· Colgate Naturals Real White
 – infused with seaweed and crystalline salts for naturally white teeth, leaving you with a unique flavour and a slight tinge of saltiness for a refreshing after-brush mouth feel;
· Colgate Naturals Gum Comfort 
 – with a blend of tea tree oil and aloe vera extracts to naturally care and protect, leaving you with healthier teeth and gums.

All three Colgate Naturals toothpaste variants are available at leading retailers and pharmacies nationwide at a recommended retail selling price of RM11.90 and RM21.40, for the 120g and 120g twin pack respectively.

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