Thursday, March 31, 2016

Mamee Jonker House in Melaka

The last time I visit to Mamee Jonker House was in 2014 year. Wow time fly, I attended alone with other bloggers. It was fun day visiting at Melaka at the same time it is tiring as going and back on the same day.

Well I am getting invitation again this time for Mother's Day, sad to say the day of event fall on Monday. It is tough decision for me because kids are schooling, so it's tough to ask kids to leave their studies and go on this trip.

Interesting flow of the event included:

10am-11am : Noodle Doodle - Mothers assist their kids in custom making of their own Chef noodle cup.
11am-12pm : Monster Kitchen - Mothers assist their kids in cooking their very own Mamee Monster Snack.
12pm-1:30pm : Lunch at Mamee CafĂ© – Indulge yourselves in our wide range of menu variety.
1:30pm-2:00pm : Photo Op
Though is a nice time to spend with kids, bonding together. But why choose the date on weekday as you know children need to go school and parents to need work on the day!
There's school holiday and weekends to choose for such event. 
Is education never a concern by them? 

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