Monday, August 4, 2014

Different lifestyle in the family

So everyone has a different lifestyle, let met tell you about mine. When I was standard 6, I followed my parents to outstation for work. My dad was transfer to Kuching, Sarawak for 3 and half years, then Ipoh for 5 and half years.

When we move back to Subang Jaya, I started using the products which available in the restroom. My sister's body gel, and other things. I think we are apart for many years we never get the feeling of sharing products. We do comes back to visit my siblings whenever there's holiday. So guess what happen next?! My sister found out that I have been using her product, she ask me that I need to buy the exact same product to give her back.

It take times for us to get used of sharing products. Because of misunderstand and communication, my sister started to argue with my parents. My second sister decided to move out as she can't seem to get along with us or she just want a life of her own.

Anyway she's a nun now, I still share my things with her. She's always welcome to come back home anytime.

Are you living in a lifestyle that you can share things to use at home? There's no problem at all? It's very good then, keep it up.

Life is a long journey, we are learning and there's no right or wrong.

I am just sharing with you about my lifestyle in the past, this is how my family lifestyle before having my own family.

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