Saturday, June 30, 2012

Schwarzenbach swim wear

 I have not go for swimming for many years, here is my first Schwarzenbach swim wear. How to take care your swimwear?

  • Rinse well in cool water after every use
  • Warm hand wash frequently with mild soap
  • Do not bleach or use harsh detergents
  • Drip dry out of direct sunlight, do not tumble dry
  • Do not dry clean
  • Do not iron
  • Do not pack or store when wet and do not leave rolled up in wet towel
  • Avoid rough surfaces such as concrete, rough wood, swimming pool edges, etc
  • Flourescent garment, these vibrant colours cannot be guaranteed to be completely colour fast when exposed to chlorine, saltwater and sunlight slight fading will occur.
This is XL size for me, I am happy I can fit in. I am plus size UK16, how about you? Now take a guess on how much I purchased this swimwear, you must be follower of this blog to take part. You may guess more than once in separate comment. You must have mailing address in Malaysia where I can mail a surprise gift to you.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Mickey Mouse Rockstar Guitar review

You are looking at Mickey Mouse Rockstar Guitar, I like this guitar so much! It is real fun even for me, look my son Sean having good time playing the guitar during his lunch time.
My son so happy play the guitar, he wants to play and sing at the same time. This guitar is light weight and portable. There are four adjustable strings, this guitar is easy to play.

I purchased this Mickey Mouse Rockstar Guitar toy for him. :D

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Spiderman Flip and Attach Battle Hauler

During the school holiday I have fun with my son. He is so happy to spend time watching movies with me. I bring him to MBO and GSC cinema to watch movies.

This picture of me taken by my son, you have no idea I have to ask him how many times only he willing to snap pic for me. He is so excited looking at all Mickey Mouse in Midvalley. I am glad we have good time during school holiday, there is time for him and me.
We didn't manage to see all the Mickey Mouse as we need to catch the premier movie of Madagascar 3 which I won the tickets from Facebook contest. I am so happy I am one of the lucky ones to win two pair of passes. The night is tiring for me after the movie we wanted to go toilet but they are closed after certain hour at night. I drive back home almost 12 midnight because I went wrong turn!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Plus size Mickey Mouse tee for me

I am so happy I found this plus size Mickey Mouse tee for me, believe me I have hard time finding Mickey Mouse tee. I saw some at the shop in Midvalley but the size only up to L size. I cannot fit in all L size clothes because of the design and cutting of the shirt. This blue Mickey Mouse tee, looked so good on me.

This is my second time to own Mickey Mouse tee, my first time of owning Mickey Mouse is the trip to Paris Disneyland. It was more than 10 years ago, I still can wear the Mickey Mouse tee which I purchased from there.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Lolipop: Revlon Colourbust Lip Butter

I love this Revlon Colourbust Lip Butter I have got three of them now, I purchased peach parfait, strawberry and now the lolipop. I can't get enough of them sadly in Malaysia we only have eight choice.
Above is the picture of me without the Revlon Colourbust Lip Butter, below is picture of me with the Revlon Colourbust Lip Butter the lolipop. I am sure you heard so much of this wonderful product, let me know which colour have you purchase. :D

I am looking pale, above picture as I didn't put on any makeup that day. I go for plain look of the day just with the Revlon Colourbust Lip Butter.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Doraemon@The Curve

I have not been to The Curve for long time, we usually hang out at Ikea. This time because of Doraemon we head there and I am happy I have purchased RM20 Doraemon T-shirt there. My sister-in-law purchased RM49.90 Doraemon T-shirt which is better quality than mine and it is plus size for her. I have purchased a soft toy Doraemon RM19.90 for my son, he loves it. Below is picture of me, yesterday was the last day of Doeramon at The Curve, my dear is disappointed he thought it is big like Mickey Mouse at Midvalley.
Above is a picture of me, I decided to wear casual since it is getting late in the evening. I saw the Doraemon Touch N Go card RM15 only and I didn't purchase it. I don't have Touch N Go card. The sling bags of Doraemon comes in many different shapes and sizes but none of them caught my attention, I like one designed but it does not have sling. :(

I saw they selling big Doraemo yo-yo I don't know the price as don't see price tag on it. I saw many parents shopping for their kids, especially the Doraemon children clothing. I saw the designed very nice for girls. I am happy I didn't go home with empty hand.

Friday, June 8, 2012

F.O.S Rewards Members Fathers Day

Yes it is June and you know it is the month to celebrate Fathers Day, I received SMS which says buy one free one on Gianni Valentino Shirts, Nothern Rock Euro Polo Tees, Athletic Shorts & Caps. Now hurry up head to the store of F.O.S as promo ends on 17 June, 2012. I like shopping at F.O.S, I purchased a pair of pants only RM5 it is in IoI Mall. I am not sure of other outlet of F.O.S. The pants are men plus size pants but as woman I am also wearing one, even my sister-in-law purchased two pairs for herself. Being plus size I am happy to find my favourite store, so happy I have purchased plus size belt for myself.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Looking for glass perfume bottles

I am sure everyone has got their favourite perfumes, every man and woman would prefer the perfumes that like to wear daily. I know we cannot the big size of perfume bottle in the bag, now we can look for glass perfume bottles that fit in our bag. I visited this website and found various size and shape of glass perfume bottles. I like the 1/3 oz clear bottle with roll on & black lid, it is just like the second picture above. I know my friends like to carry perfumes that they like they can keep both bottles inside their bag, there is clear 1/3 oz clear bottle with roll on & white lid.

Now they have the sizes of glass perfume bottles that you prefer, you can have more than one glass perfume bottle in the bag. Sometimes we are in a hurry we tend to forgot to put on the perfume, now there is no worry because we can keep the small size glass perfume bottles in our bag where ever we go.

We can select the type and size of glass perfume bottles; I like the 5ml Magenta bottle and Aqua bottle. You can keep them in your bags; I know some friends tend to keep more than one perfume. Don't just read here go ahead and grab the perfume bottles that you prefer.