Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Abalone Yee Sang this CNY

Happy Chinese New Year to friends and readers that are celebrating. It's a happening CNY this 2018, it's because I did online shopping at 11 Street. I bought Yee Sang set which comes with 2 sets of Yee Sang and each has a canned of abalone. I bring a set back to hometown and it's a good time together as you can see the youtube above. We have added instant noodle into it as well, even mini mandarin that I have bought from 11 Street. What else we have added, try view the video to see if you know of it.

2 SET of 1 canned wild caught abalone + yee sang 
罐头野生小鲍鱼(一罐) + 捞生(一荬)

Product Specification and Features of  Canned Abalone
  • 100% Wild Caught Abalone 野生鲍鱼
  • Nett weight of abalone:- Ocean pacific abalones: Approx. 150g per can
  • Expiry:2020
  • Each can contains up to 20-25 pieces of ready-to-eat abalone.
  • MSG and preservative-free.
Product Specification and Features of    “Yee Sang”

  • Expiry: June 2018
  • Each Boxes serve for 10 pax (一荬)
  • Each box contains 
  1. 瓜英     (Kuah Ying)
  2. 白姜丝 (Pak Keong See)
  3. 红姜丝 (Hung Keong See)
  4. 喬头丝 (Kew Tow See)
  5. 茶瓜丝 (Char Kuah See)
  6. 梅糕 (Mui Koa)
  7. 花生末 (Far Sang Mut)
  8. 芝麻末 (Chee Ma Mut)
  9. 伍香粉 (Herb Spices Powder)
  10. 芋头丝(红和青)(Red Yam Slice)
  11. 薄脆 (Pok Chui)

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