Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Surya Chlorophyll with Lychee/Chlorophyll with Peach

Every has got a busy lifestyle, yeah it's school holidays but I am not getting any rest. Sean too is busy as he has to attend school tuition daily, he's Standard 6 this year. Talking about busy lifestyle, sometimes we are lack of eating vegetables. It's important to have balance in life and our health too.
Sharing is caring glad to find this Surya Chlorophyll water, yeah I have got mine in lychee flavour.

Chlorophyll extracted from Mulberry leaf which is known to be free from pesticide.
A natural alkalizer, perfect for internal purification that results in clearer and glowing skin.

We are lacking of nutrients of vegetables and end up having acne-prone and dull skin. Surya Chlorophyll has added in fruit extract/juice/powder/flavour into Surya Chlorophyll.

above photo of me with Amber, it was taken in Jan 2018 , you can see my dull looking skin

Chlorophyll is known for its various health benefits
1)Detoxification (High in antioxidants)
2)Purify blood (Promotes formation of hemogoblin & red blood cells)
3)Protects skin & returns skin glow (Rehydration)
4)Improves bad breath/body odor
5)Improves liver detoxification

I like to drink it just like that, just pour 25ml to the bottle cap. You can also mix it with warm water 125ml to drink. Consuming this also help the internal purification is also great for reducing bad body & breath odor.

    Who can consume Surya Chlorophyll?
●Natural beauty fanatics.
●Natural skin solution.
●Women with acne prone skin.
●Individuals who have insufficient vegetable intake
●Individuals with bad breath and body odors
●Suitable for children above 4 years old.

Surya Chlorophyll the price is affordable, convenient to drink as it has the bottle cap provided.
The new taste of it I am loving it, I like the taste of lychee it is not hard to drink.
There's no preservatives. The product is HALAL/GMP/HACCP/BioNexus Certified.

With Internet access, we can shop online for ourselves and loved ones. For more info, please visit:
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/surya.malaysia/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Surya.Malaysia/

Online shopping is easy, you may click on the link below to start shopping now. 

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