Saturday, August 8, 2015

Planning to go Melaka

It's been more than 5 years since my parents last step foot in Melaka, the last trip with them were few years back. Melaka town is fulled with many food to eat, I am hoping to dine for my favourite meals there.

Can't wait it's just few more days to go and we going to have family vacation there. My dear checked the best deal would be in Swiss Garden Hotel and Apartment, we haven't been to this hotel before it would be our first experience there.

We thought of Hatten Hotel but the family suite for 4 pax cost up to RM880 a night with only breakfast for 4 pax. I read about the hotel accommodation review on the hotel.

For us the accommodation is important because we prefer family room. The connection room in the hotel would be fine for us, but these days not many hotels are having this convenient. The new rooms in hotel now are mostly side by side for your convenience it's not connecting room after all. We want to stick together so it's best to be staying close together. Nobody wants to be split up or in separate rooms which is far apart from each other.

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