Friday, July 17, 2015

Browsing bags online website

What's your favourite pass time? I prefer to do online browsing for things that interest me namely bags. I have bags addiction though I also love shoes, some how I love bags even more, don't ask me why.

I bought a pair of shoes which I though I can fit nicely in Zalora but sad to say the heels are too high for me. I am not fan of heels shoes, I afraid I fall. No kidding because I am quite clumsy person. Though the shoes are in good condition and still wearable, but soon it will be pass down to my niece as nobody in my family can fit in this shoes of mine.

Besides Zalora, I also shopping shoes and bags at XES Premium Store, they have a store in AEON BIG SUBANG JAYA. That's where I brought my dear to purchase his men's shoes.

Which would you prefer? Feel and touch the item or just purchase them online as they looks good?

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