Monday, May 4, 2015

Track your loved ones

The other day, my friend and me check out the Mobile, IT & Electronics (MOBITE). We found this interesting device. It's supposed to track your loved ones, it can be use on people and pets, even vehicle.

Main functions of the device included:

  • Small in size
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to use
  • Track on demand
  • Track by time and distance
  • Communication like a mobile phone
  • Data logger (build in GPRS/GPS)
  • Two dial up buttons
  • SOS button
  • Listen-in (voice monitoring)
For children:
  • Shows location of the child you are locating
  • Create and edit "geo-fence" zones and receive alerts when they arrive or leave key areas
  • When away from home; eg: school trips, hiking, jungle tracking and other
  • Communication like a mobile phone
For elderly:
  • Great for caregivers and special need individuals
  • Two dial up buttons
  • Keep your loved ones safe or locate them
  • People suffering from illness such as Alzheimer's to be reassured by a tracking device
For couple:

  • Stay connected with your loved ones
  • Trust and verity

For pets:
  • Keep your pets safe
  • Locate your pet when run off with geo-fence zones
For logistics:
  • Full control over your vehicles whereabout
  • Know when they stop, arrive or leave key areas.
Sound amazing right? I am just sharing info of this device, for more info you may need to Google it.

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