Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Scream Park phase 8 launched in Sunway Lagoon

Scientists discover the unusual world of cryonics in Malaysia

A team of locals who received news of mysterious event that has been lurking in the outskirts of Kevil Hill deep inside Sunway Lagoon were invited to unearth the dark secrets inside the mysterious walls of The Kevil Hill Cryonic Corporation (KHCC). 

Together with a team of highly trained officers from CDC-CDU {Center for Diease Control - Cyro Containment Unit}, they went on a spine chilling discovery as they uncover about cryonics, a world of life after death, through science fact, or friction, which has made its never before seen opening inside Lynton V Harris' Scream Park at Sunway Lagoon. 

Within the Hill Cryonic Corporation which covers a massive multi-themed area of the Scream Park. Guests have been invited to witness the practice of preserving human bodies stored in cyro- tanks with extreme cold temperatures while JB Kevil continued to carry high hopes to revive them in the near future. 

As they continued unearthing the world of cryonics, more than what they have expected began to happen with frozen bodies coming to life, from KHCC's mysterious complex and Cyro-Containment Center.
Mr. Sean Choo, General Manager of Sunway Lagoon (far left) and Lynton V Harris, Chairman and Executive Officer of The Sudden Impact! Entertainment Company (far right) at Scream Park Phase 8 launch - Kelvin Hill Cryonic Corporation (KHCC), founded by James .

The (frozen one) breaks out of its cryo-tank at Sunway Lagoon. 

Would you want to be frozen or live a life after death? 
Scary moment, I am sure many horror fans would like to get scare, why not check out this Scream Park to see if they scared you?
Look out for the frozen ones at Lynton V Harris Scream Park in Sunway Lagoon. 
Halloween just few months away but now Scream Park Kevil Hill is open, you don't have to wait that long to get check out.
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