Sunday, July 20, 2014

Nivea Whitening In-Shower skin conditioner

Above on the left Nivea whitening in-shower skin conditioner
Look at the pictures you may find the right item familiar, that's my favourite product. I like to use the Nivea in-shower intensive skin conditioner. I tried the new Nivea whitening in-shower skin conditioner, it is left bottle in white color.

In-shower whitening skin conditioner repairs 10 signs of dull and damaged skin in the shower. It is use after shower gel, apply it on body then rinse off.

Nivea Body Lotion in-shower whitening skin conditioner is the convenient new way for radiant, soft water-like looking skin everyday.

Enriched with 50X higher Vitamin C from Camu Camu. It is quickly absorbed by wet skin and deeply replenishes moisture.

Caution using this product as it will make the bathtub or shower floor slippery.

I tried this product Nivea Whitening In-Shower skin conditioner, and find it too strong for me, passing this to my lovely family member. As for me, after using this I feel itchy skin in the night. I feel uncomfortable using this.

I'll continue to use the blue bottle which is Nivea in-shower intensive skin conditioner as I have itchy skin/dry skin during the night. I have used up to six bottles now, since the first day. If you like to read my review about this product click on the link above.

Edited 22 July 2014, Tuesday. My family member, sister-in-law used this Nivea Whitening In-Shower skin conditioner product twice a day for morning and evening. It's suitable for her, she doesn't experience itchy or dryness. After using the product, it's given her smooth looking skin. I'm happy to know that this product is suitable for her. For your info, my sister-in-law is in her 40s. 

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