Friday, January 31, 2014

Pink Sapphire Paris ring

Yesterday I purchase a pink sapphire ring, unexpected it has craved D Paris underneath there. Out of curiousity I decided to Google it. I found this exact same ring selling in ebay Australia $19.99. I bought the ring RM50. I choose this ring because of it fitting me and pink colour sapphire that attracted me.

I am happy with the ring.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Winner of Sherry Shopping Giveaway

It is hot Thursday here, what's everyone doing now? I am sure you are busy with something. Now let's find out whose the lucky winner of Sherry Shopping Giveaway.

It goes to one of my participant, the picked the number 38.

The lucky blogger is Yun Sing, Congrats do email me at sherrygo at hotmail dot com with title Winner Sherry Shopping Giveaway, with your full name, address, and contact number.

Don't be sad, if you didn't win. Stay tune for more blog giveaway and follow me on instagram sherrygo. I may have giveaway over there in future.

In the mean time, if you like to play Lego, you can check out my blog post on blogger sessions I attended in Sunway Giza, Kota Damansara. It is my second time to this place, first time just to find out where's located. I am glad son love the session with other children, he has interest to join the available class.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Participants of SherryShopping Giveaway

How's everyone on this Tuesday evening? I have been busy since school started.

I am sure you like to know the participants of Sherry Shopping Giveaway.

Below are the participants and their points:

  1. Arifah Lee - 15 points GFC/ blog post and link to this post 15 
  2. Ena Amir - 20 points for GFC/ blog post and link to this blog and link to this post 35
  3. Yun Sing - 15 points for GFC blog post and link to this blog 50
  4. Miss November -15 points for GFC/blog post and link to this post 65
  5. ain - 15 points for GFC/blog post link to this post 80
I am sure you like to know why only one participants with total 20 points because she has completed the tasks with link post to this blog not just link post to the giveaway. This mean the blog post has two links, one to blog post Sherry Shopping another to giveaway post. 

The points in red behind will be use to choose the winner using the Winner will be announced by this week so stay tune. 

Top referral of this giveaway goes to ain! You get name cell phone charm from me, do email me the name you prefer and your full name, address and contact number to my email sherrygo at hotmail dot com

Don't forget top commentator for Jan is available in two blogs, namesherry and mymomsbest.

Monday, January 20, 2014

New shoes for sons

The Chinese New Year is less than 10 days away. I am done purchase for my boys, new shoes for them. But not yet for my man, so the hunt for clothes continues.

It's not just about the brand but the quality and material of the shoes. I saw men shoes RM29.90 but my man says NO. He says he never heard of the brand before and says they will not last long for him. He's particular of shoes so needs slowly to find suitable working men shoes for him.

So far never done any online shopping for my man because he's particular of size and shape of the shoes. How about you?

Saturday, January 18, 2014

SherryShopping Giveaway 2014

I love giveaway, how about you? I love shopping too, now there's giveaway at SherryShopping Giveaway 2014.

The prize for one lucky winner!

  1. Stars Anklet
  2. Hello Kitty shoes studs
  3. 2014 Sasa pocket calendar
  4. Daiso ring notebook
  5. Faux leather gold passport holder
  6. Bear drum pencil
How to take part, complete each task below earns you 5 points 

  1. Be GFC Follower of this blog, click left bar to be follower
  2. Follow me on twitter @sherrygo
  3. Blog this giveaway title "SherryShopping Giveaway 2014"
  4. Copy above Prize and picture to your post with link to this post and Sherry Shopping blog.
Complete above task gives you 20 points, you need to comment on how many points you earn.
Your blog must be at least 6 months old!

Top Referral of this giveaway win a name cell phone charm from me.

If I have 30 entries for this giveaway I will add two prizes which mean instead of one winner they will be three winners.

Giveaway ends on Saturday 18 January at midnight Malaysia time.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Plus size black dress for me

I am loving my black dress, this is plus size black dress. I found this website has many plus size clothes, which is suitable and affordable. You may click on the link to find out. The material of this dress is cooling and I like it very much.

If you like to know where I purchase this dress, click on the online store above.

I attended the Sasa Ladies Day in Selangor Turf Club. You can see more by click on the link.


Sunday, January 5, 2014

Shopping new pencil box for son

I bought two pencil boxes for son, sad to say the Mickey Mouse trolley school bag is broken. It's badly damage that I think it will hurt son if he continue to use it. I have changed another trolley school bag for him.

I found a shop selling RM5 magnetic pencil box, I am happy and sad to see that they are selling fast. I mean sold out, I manage purchase two magnetic pencil box for him. That's good enough, I don't want him to change pencil box often. Unless is it not able to use anymore.

He's in the school now, I can have some my time to update my lovely blogs. :D