Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Mechanical pencil 2.0 for my son

Get to know nice people in school and now we became friend. We meet up everyday because our boys studying in same school but different class. She is nice mommy of two children, her gal is always sticks to her.

She told me about the mechanical pencil 2.0 it is indeed very nice to use and less sharpening pencils. I am happy to know that my son loves using it, sad to say he loves the blue mechanical pencil and he has got new one which is purple in colour.

Alright, got to stop now. My toddler is crying due to teething, now 5th time pooped. Yeah he's in pain not the teeth pain but bottom!


мs. вавз чuмıкo said...

That mechanical pencil is very interesting :P

Sherry said...

yeah posted the picture in namesherry.com

мs. вавз чuмıкo said...

Checking it now :D

мs. вавз чuмıкo said...

Checked already and yeah i tried it before haha