Friday, December 28, 2012

Fun time at beach

Above is picture of my son, seeing him happy at the beach playing with sand castles and he ate four ice cream on the day!

He has interest to go Legoland, JB but due to financial and timing we unable to bring him there. So we decided to bring him to beach at Port Dickson. He told me he wants to make sand castles, I bought him the beach toys set.

We bought him the beach hat or you can also call it the rain hat from Petaling Street, KL. Just the three of us on the morning at beach with other folks that love beach. My happy moments are seeing my children happy, being parent we don't want too pamper them. It would be bad to spoil them, playing and making sand castle just right for him.

Life is short cherish every happy moments we can love and share with loved ones.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012


I love giveaway and hoping to win Giveaway FELINNA BEAUTY by CikMisi, you can take part too just click on above banner.
What's the Prize?

Vitamin C - 1 kotak
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Cabutan yg kedua:
Inchloss lotion - 1 botol

Cabutan yg ketiga:
Vitamin C - 1 kotak
Giveaway ends on 31 Jan 2013.
Good luck.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Trade in your old colour pencils

I like this brand Stabilo and I find out that you can trade in your old colour pencils from Stabilo Malaysia. Yeah it is worth it so check out the link above for more detail. My son tried several brands of colour pencils and I find this brand suits him best.

I have purchased a few pack of colour pencils for home use and school use. You never know if it is enough for him, sometimes he comes home with missing colour pencils. I like the jumbo Stabilo colour pencils, my son's classmate saw him using it and they want to purchase the same one too. :D

Friday, December 21, 2012

First pair of Santa Barbara sandals for me

Above picture the first is the Santa Barbara sandals, I purchase it because I find it comfortable to wear and it looks quite the same like the one second picture of the above. I got the second picture sandals repaired.

Now it is raining heavily, we waiting for my dear back from work to go out for lunch. Yeah it is almost 3pm now, lucky I have breakfast just half boiled eggs and drink a coco milk.

I wear this pair of new shoes to pay my last respect to grandma; my dad told me cannot wear the bright colour clothes and shoes to see grandma.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Parking in Amcorp Mall

Have you been to Amcorp Mall, the last time I went there for few days ago. I see there are few stalls at entrance selling clothes, fashion accessories and bags. I saw the beads shoes that I wore before and I asked for the price. Surprisingly the price is more than then the price I bought.

Anyway I don't have interest to purchase the beads shoes there as I had purchased a pair last month. I love shoes so much, I have many shoes but I find that I am comfortable with sandals for long walk. I am thinking to go KLCC on weekday as I need to attend a workshop at night. The journey of KLCC is 25 min by lrt from Taman Jaya.

Have you tried parking in Amcorp Mall during the night? I like to hear from you about the safety. The time would be 9pm onwards parking in Amcorp Mall.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Thank you Fatin@Chocolate Cats

Picture above from Fatin
While I am busy to delete pictures from Picasa Album because I have limited storage space to upload post for my new blog post. Yeah pictures dated a few years back 2008 onwards, most pictures are not useable anymore so better delete them. Yeah I still have pending posts to write.

While blogging here I am busy with my eyes on the notebook and my eyes on my baby boy. He's so active walking here and there find things to mess up with. Yeah he just push to me to see the trolley where we placed the milk powder packets inside.

Above picture is me with Fatin, and my friend Coreen she accompany me to Chocolate Cats Christmas Party at Publika Boulevard. I am among three lucky winners from her blog that gets to go Chcolate Cats Christmas Party! This is a Christmas girly party that I never forget and be in my heart always. :D

If you like cosmetics and fashion, you don't want to miss out Fatin blog. She has got make blog review on products she tried too. :D

Thank you Fatin, I love the party and the games. :D

Picture above from Reebonz
If you like the bag I am holding and all pretty gals in the picture, you can find more bags at Reebonz Facebook, you can check out their website too.