Friday, December 28, 2012

Fun time at beach

Above is picture of my son, seeing him happy at the beach playing with sand castles and he ate four ice cream on the day!

He has interest to go Legoland, JB but due to financial and timing we unable to bring him there. So we decided to bring him to beach at Port Dickson. He told me he wants to make sand castles, I bought him the beach toys set.

We bought him the beach hat or you can also call it the rain hat from Petaling Street, KL. Just the three of us on the morning at beach with other folks that love beach. My happy moments are seeing my children happy, being parent we don't want too pamper them. It would be bad to spoil them, playing and making sand castle just right for him.

Life is short cherish every happy moments we can love and share with loved ones.

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