Friday, December 14, 2012

Parking in Amcorp Mall

Have you been to Amcorp Mall, the last time I went there for few days ago. I see there are few stalls at entrance selling clothes, fashion accessories and bags. I saw the beads shoes that I wore before and I asked for the price. Surprisingly the price is more than then the price I bought.

Anyway I don't have interest to purchase the beads shoes there as I had purchased a pair last month. I love shoes so much, I have many shoes but I find that I am comfortable with sandals for long walk. I am thinking to go KLCC on weekday as I need to attend a workshop at night. The journey of KLCC is 25 min by lrt from Taman Jaya.

Have you tried parking in Amcorp Mall during the night? I like to hear from you about the safety. The time would be 9pm onwards parking in Amcorp Mall.

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