Friday, February 21, 2020

Casa Kayangan Collection by Avon

 It's February and everyone has got their busy lifestyle, everyone needs a break and there's time to think what to shop when festive season comes. Some of my friends are looking forward to shop for Raya collection. Sharing is caring, the Casa Kayangan Collection by Avon have you heard of it?

 Avon's latest home range collection, friends that love songket would love this because its the Songket theme decor with  a contemporary modern design. Such a good time that you can plan on inviting family, friends and relatives over have a good time together. Great time and great company pairing with the beautiful home decor collection.
 Collections features bedsheet sets, serveware and soft furnishing. You can start planning on what you like to shop. Everyone so busy these days, no worry as with Internet access, you can shop online too.
The launches starts on 1st April 2020, you can find them online at Avon and also Avon dealers and Avon beauty boutique.

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