Sunday, April 30, 2017

Homemade Dried Fruits by Unparalleled Grace

Good evening to my readers and blog visitors, hows your day? Last week, I received a parcel. Check out my link for the video on opening the parcel, you can view the video about to see whats inside the Skynet parcel.

Four types of Homemade Dried Fruits by Unparalleled Grace that I have, they are healthy snacks to eat. I like it, easy on the go for mommy of two like me. The packet has a zip on top after opening it can just zip it back. So easy and convenient you can also bring these to office, or having them while travel in Malaysia.

These are homemade fruits by Unparelledled Grace, she fried all these fruits in low temperature from 8 hours to 15 hours. No sugar & colorant added, they are 96% nutrition kept. 

I am loving these home made fruits, they are healthy snack we can enjoy anywhere anytime.
Good for detox lovers, I am sure you find these good for you to make detox water.

Dried Green Apple
 I am loving the dried green apple, dried persimmons and dried mushroom, so yummy and tasty. The size and shape of dried fruits are just nice for me to bite and eat.
Dried Mushrooms

Dried Persimmons
Dried Orange
Now there's dried orange, we can make drinks it with. Now you how to make natural detox water with them.  

Here's the list of Homemade Dried Fruits by Unparalleled Grace:

Homemade dried fruits 天然果干 ❤

No sugar & colorant added, they are 96% nutrition kept. 

完全无添加物,纯天然水果,以低温风干!保留高达96%的营养成分,让你一家吃得健康 😊

🍎 Red Apples 50gm RM15
🍏 Green Apples 50gm Rm15
🍌 Banana 80gm Rm15
🌟 Star fruits 50gm Rm15
🍋 Lemon 50gm Rm15
🍊 Oranges 50gm RM15
🍊 Grape fruits 50gm RM15
🍍 Pineapples 80gm RM15
🍐 Korean Golden Pear 80gm Rm15
🍑 Dragon Fruit 100gm RM25
🍈 Green Kiwi 80gm Rm20

🍅 Tomatoes 50gm RM15
🍄 Mushroom 50gm Rm15

New items:
🍓 Strawberry 50gm Rm30
🌱 Mangoes 50gm Rm15

Others: Upon request

Bukit Indah Mc.D for those staying in Johor.

Parcel postage
- RM10 (north)
- RM20 (sabah/sarawak)

不接急单哦,因为每个水果至少需要 10-15 个小时来风干哦!付款大约一个星期以后将会收到果干,请耐心等候,我们将为你制作最新鲜,无防腐剂果干 😍

Kindly whatsapp/sms/pm for ordering
📞📞📞Deonne  017-5340425

Now you see them, so colorful and yummy to eat, if you like to order them do give her a call.
You can also follow their updates on


Aliza Sara said...

This indeed looks very delicious. This would also save me time to enjoy something fruity :D

Amelie Yap said...

Awww so convenient. All the dried fruits look so healthy and fresh.

Joy Jone said...

Dried fruits is good for consumption and DIY, it's healthy ingredients is still active for fruits Lovers

Uncle Zuan said...

the great thing about homemade product are the quality over the quantity. gotta try this

Em said...

I love dried fruits. Recently discovered them while shopping in KL one day. Have been buying them online ever since!

Zayani Zulkiffli said...

I've tries the dried fruits with tea and it taste so good! I actually like it more compared to the flower tea.

Miera Nadhirah Tan said...

this looks so good.. really love trying out these kind of stuff

Ivy Kam said...

I like dried fruits and their pricing quite reasonable, will check it out :)

Wai Yee aka Rane said...

you look so cute with the posing. Love to try this out

Sharon Lee said...

Love how big the packet of the dry fruit =D Time to have some detox and healthy drinking lifestyle!

Joanne Cheah said...

I also like their dried fruit, especially the Korean Golden Pear. Taste good also with water.