Sunday, April 23, 2017

PSLove feminine healthcare products

 Being mommy of two boys, I am always on the go and also taking care of family and household. Here's to share with you about PSLove feminine healthcare products, the products distributed in Singapore. They have products caring for women.
PSLove NeckHeat, BackHeat and MenstruHeat
 These are what woman needs as due to sitting long hours in the office, a lot women experience on-and-off back, neck and shoulder aches which may affect their productivity and lifestyle. This also suitable for moms like me, I like these as the heat can help to ease these pain.

 Every month woman would experience menstrual cramps. MentruHeat is an all-natural heat patch that relieves menstrual cramps, which are cause by the contraction of uterine muscles. Heat therapy has been scientifically proven to relieve pain as it relaxes these muscles. I like it as it is suitable for me to use and I found there's three ways of using it. There's 3 types of heat that we can choose from. There's adhesive side on the other side, you refer the video below to see how the patch looks like.

Least Heat - can stick on the underside of shirt
Medium Heat - can stick on top of the underwear
Most Heat - can direct stick on skin.

I choose the medium heat as I prefer the medium heat. Beware if you are using it direct on skin as you need to know if your body heat will speed up heating or not. Do remove the pack if it gets too hot. If you have sensitive skin it's not suitable to use direct on skin.
PSLove NeckHeat

PSLove designed BackHeat and NeckHeat to be the convenient patch that fits comfortably on to your back, neck and shoulders, provides soothing heat relief for at least 12 hours. NeckHeat is exclusively available online do scroll down for the link to shop online. It emits real heat to sooth neck and shoulders aches. I like the ergonomically designed it fits my necks and shoulders. For the shoulders, it can be tear apart, one per side to stick on.

It depends on you whether you want it to be less heat or more heat. Two ways of using the NeckHeat.
Less Heat - Stick on top of shirt
More Heat - Stick on skin

After every hour of use, remove product for at least 5 mins to let your skin rest. Prolonged contact with low heat may cause burns or blistering.
PSLove BackHeat
The PSLove femine healthcare products are easy to use, it is designed to be portable and convenient to use even-on-the go! Always take not take if you are using on stick on skin, body heat will speed up heating. Remove if pack gets too hot! If you have sensitive skin, DO NOT use this method.

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PSLove is a feminine healthcare startup based in Singapore and their flagship product, MenstruHeat, is currently retailing at selected Guardian and 7-Eleven stores in Singapore.

You can also follow PSLove on instagram @psloveco_my and facebook:   for more updates!

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