Friday, March 24, 2017

A Woman’s Age and Fertility

Any woman who is planning to get pregnant soon or sometime in the future needs to know that her chances of conceiving varies depending on her age. Fertility is affected by age, in fact age is the main fertility factor for women. So it is important to know the age that most women are fertile.

Woman in her 20s
Most women are said to be at their highest peak of fertility in their mid-20s. A woman is born with a set number of eggs – it is called ovarian reserve. And the body is designed to release the best eggs first. This is why most women in their mid-20s don’t have any problems getting pregnant.

Woman in her 30s
A typical woman has 12% of her ovarian reserve by the time she reaches 30. In fact, fertility starts declining after age 27 and drops at a somewhat greater rate after 35. This is why those women who are trying to get pregnant at the age of 35 are advised not to delay any longer but instead set an appointment with her doctor for assistance on what’s best to do for her.

Woman in her 40s
A woman only has 3% ovarian reserve at the age of 40s. As you can see, her fertility has dropped big time – this means it is more difficult for her to get pregnant naturally. However, there’s still hope.

With the help of medical doctors, a pregnancy for women even after age 40 is still possible. It could be a bit difficult but it is possible

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