Sunday, July 31, 2016

Busy Sunday for the family time

This morning with my sister-in-law to go the Pensonic Malaysia cooking together, you can find updates on my instagaram @Sherrygo. I also took part the contest instagram and my sister-in-law also but we didn't win any prize. It's fun taking part as recipe is provided we can just follow to cook the ayam masak merah. The lucky draw also I have no luck. The One City Mall is very quiet, the one near to the Boulevard. Not many shops in the mall.

Fun time as we have a well spend Sunday, sad as in the night I am not able to send my parents off to KLIA. My sister had send them instead as she's nearer to them. They going to have 16 hours flight to go UK.

After the One City cooking with Pensonic Malaysia, we head to the Main Place. We have lunch there, supposed I want to eat char siew rice near the Mamee but nothing for my sons to eat. Not many food stalls that opened at the food court near the USJ Jumpstreet.

I bought mechanical pencil leads for my son, he's going to use them in school. There's a Popular book store in Main Place, we also go to Jaya Grocer after that.

We head to USJ 19 Mall after that for the sport shoes fair, RM3 per entry parking at entrance of the mall. There are many stalls selling made in China goods in the mall. The sports shoes which are branded didn't attract me at all, many people and too crowd to shop.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Trying out Apple Cider Beer first time

My first time to try apple cider beer for the first time, I bought it in Giant after my dear says ok for me to drink. I usually drink Shandy never try the apple cider beer before. So many people says it taste like apple, so it did and it tastes sweet too.

I drank it in the night, a bottle of it not the can type. I bought bottle type of apple cider beer. Yeah I can drink it again if I want to but not at the moment.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Travel to work Legoland Malaysia

Yeah loving to blog and things that interest me, two years I haven't been to Legoland and I am happy to be invited there. Check out what's coming soon this November, click on the link to read it. My last time there was a day trip for the Star Wars, follow the rautau PR and reached KL at 9pm in the night. Then took LRT back to station near Amcorp Mall. Now Amcorp Mall has change route to one way which I am not familiar so I seldom go there. I got lost coming back out to Federal Highway from there. :(

The parking at Amcorp Mall, is not within my budget anymore. Sad to see that happen, as I find many interesting there in the mall, sometimes they have sales of clothes which value for money.

Booked my grab car using the app and discount RM6 as it's still June. Payment RM24 when reached Terminal Salak South my first time there. Coming back I travel with fellow bloggers Miera, Qashu, Bella. they have different ktm and LRT to use. We are going different way to come back home, I used KTM RM4.10 from Salak South KTM to Subang Jaya KTM.

Then I took a grabcar which passengers just came down, glad that driver willing to take me as I am not able to go the app as lack of services. Reach home pay RM5 to driver.

It's a travel and work at the same time, glad to be there though I am not a kid but I love to play Lego too just like my sons. Not much of time so I didn't visit the swimming pool of Legoland Hotel. I saw there are Lego bricks at the swimming pool to play. My room view has nice view of Water Park.

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Thank you.