Sunday, November 1, 2015

Missed out the sales of October

I thought I could wait and see what's the next deal or sale. But sad to say I saw the price back to normal as I didn't took the chance to shop during the sale.

Now instead of purchase two dresses, I can only purchase one dress due to budget. The online coupon that I have is valid til December 2015. So I am thinking to use it now or wait for the next sale. What do you think?

Yesterday I just back from the media trip. I used a luggage bag and a backpack plus a sling bag. I feel sad as I lost my touch and go card! I topped it few days ago with RM50 so valid in the card would be around RM70.

The last time I lost something was few months back, where I lost a camera in I-City.

With the RM100 coupon that I have, I decided to purchase one dress instead. No waiting any more for next sale because earlier I have chosen 2 dresses with this price. But now I can only choose one because the sale is over.

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