Monday, October 19, 2015

Trium Card shopping experience

First I like to say that I often shopping in Nichii and Kitschen but I didn't have the Trium Card as I didn't sign up for any of it. My first time to have the Trium Card was during the media blogger event at Dressing Paula. Then I forgotten all about register or sign up with the card I have.

When I was invited for the Nichii not long ago I thought I can continue using the card. Then I was told that the card does not belong to me as it belong to media event previously. Asking me to take a new card instead and taken away the trium card that I have.

So after shopping at Nichii at Midvalley, then I have decided to go home and register it online. Guess what?! The card password that they have given cannot be used at all. As during the event Nichii the card is distribute to media that attend. If you have already have the card there's no need to take the card.

Anyway sadly after spending RM90 and though I gained 90 points in the card. But then because I cannot register online even trying hours for it. I went to the other outlet Nichii at Main Place USJ to ask the staff for help. Who knows the staff Jess didn't listen properly of what I said and created a new card for me then I losing all point for that I have in the card that I am holding.

Then she even suggest to me that open current card with another person name/ic number but beware each account can only use one email address, one telephone number. She told me that I can use sis IC and my telephone and email for the points. I lost the points all because of her mistake. Things get complicated as I cannot login my trium card.

So better off I cancel sis's card and just using my card from zero point again!

I did email to their Trium customer service but seem they cannot transfer the point that I used on the card. The new card is under my name with zero point.

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