Saturday, October 10, 2015

Bring mom and family to dine for steamboat buffet

This morning I woke up 7am and then by 8am I am out of the house only drank milo for breakfast. Then I reached IPC at 8.20am and the entrance to mall is still closed but I parking at B2 so I saw a guy going to work so I ask him how to go up to mall. He shows me the way until enter to Cold Storage. As he also works in the Cold Storage, not sure of his position though but know that he went to work by motorcycle.

Then after 11am I went to Midvally using waze and showed me way to Kerinchi way. Then I calling my dad to tell I want to bring mom out for dinner steamboat buffet. I promise her that I am going to bring her out for eat during her birthday but we didn't because of the bad haze.

I have bring mom home first then we also go to buy some nasi lemak ayam, sotong and kerang, each packet is RM2.50. The malay stall is located opposite of the hotel in SS15 Subang Jaya. My mom also chooses to eat the fried banana.

Dinner Restaurant Yuen Steamboat has move to Kelana Jaya. We have dined there a few times, we need to pay parking fee there. 5 adults (mom, me, dear, nephew, sis in law) and my 2 children but my eldest RM17, youngest is RM10. Total pay is RM203, inclusive of two can drinks, ice teas. 

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