Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Sunday family day with family members

We have a good time spending the Sunday at the Sunway Pyramid form 10.45am to evening around 7pm. No kidding we have been there all day because my son won to be final contestants in Jump Smash 15. The parking for so long hours was RM10.

My son got excited that he was one of the finalists. I am so happy for him and he too wanted me to play. As I told him that I also want to join in the Final, I didn't give up trying. I queue and play and then queue again to go play until I score 8-6. Yeah I won and can be in the running with other 31 contestants.

It was a good time being with my boys, though my youngest didn't make it to the final but he's there to support me and his brother all the way.

I rejected the invite for last Saturday to go Genting events because I thought we are going back to PD but we have change the date. Even though we didn't go back PD but the room for Merdeka weekends aren't going to be cheap so we decided to let it go.

Didn't know that letting go an event, I receive another invitation to go. It's a blessing indeed, from the event both of us learn about winning and failure. Though we didn't win but at least we have try our best. I am proud of my son.

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