Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Calculative parents, money matters?

I told my dear about a restaurant with lunch buffet promo online, well he checked out the price and find out it is not advisable to purchase because children too need to pay for it. Children don't eat much, I can tell you that because my children are choosy on food especially my toddler.

So my dear make a calculation on how much he needs to fork out. Just because I am just having two dining vouchers to use, he says it's much more price he needs to use for everyone to dine.

Sister – RM39.90
Ah Wei – RM39.90
Sean – RM36
William – RM36
Total RM151.80 have to pay extra for this.
This money we can use it on purchase a week of groceries. RM50 fuel price of my car per week, so this mean I can use it for 3 weeks with RM150. 
If children eat for free, we may consider it, or the price for kids are lower, we can consider it. I am sure you know there's no free meal after all. 

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