Friday, July 4, 2014

Goodie bag of a drink and voucher

Though I like going for events, not all events are worth to go, some events eventually you don't get anything at all. There's no further info on the events that attended too, recently a friend told me that he attended an event. Though the event is either share by friend or blogger or invited by PR.

The gift for blogger, is goodie bag? I am not sure anyway my blogger friend says that his goodie bag is a drink and voucher. I guess the voucher asking him to use at the hair care center.

It was the hair center anniversary, so this is how they treat the blogger? Anyway it is always up to blogger to reject or accept the invitation. But you can never expect what's contain of goodie bag, it can be anything good or bad.

So how much time has my friend used on this event? He has to take bus to go there. The venue is terrible for find parking.

This post is not just about goodie bag, but sharing with you about my friend's experience. Well, don't think that all bloggers are looking forward for the goodie bag, it's an event that's happening that matters.

I have experienced an event, that has no info about their brand history or info detail of products. Why keep it so secretive then what's for asking people to go event? 

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