Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Last day: Guardian Aussino Towel

Are you collecting stamps for shopping the Guardian Aussino Signature Bath Towel? Don't forget that it is last day shopping today for stamps collection.

I saw many people in Guardian shopping til they drop for purchase the Aussino Signature Bath Towel. In Sunway Pyramid the Guardian outlet only left the colour of purple and pink! The Misty Green and Angle Blue have sold out.

With 40 stamps collection you can purchase the towel at RM1.90 only. If you have collected 20 stamps you will need to pay RM29.90 for the towel. The normal price of this towel RM99 each.

By the way I have posted the Top Commentator Prizes to Nicole at Post Office in Sunway Pyramid. I used register post, so your number is RD361254951MY.

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