Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Brick Mansions movie

Last week my friend given me this movie passes to watch Brick Mansions, I am thankful my friends both of them giving me two passes each so I can bring my dear, my son and my nephew to watch the movie in Premium X Cinema at One City.

It is our first time to watch movie at the One City, the seating is very shaky and frankly speaking I have backache after the movie.

The movie Brick Mansions are nice movie, it is PG13 because of lot violent in movies that involve in fighting and shooting plus driving a speed car. One cop was brutally killed in the movie, this part happened in Brick Mansions City. There is a lot of jumping chasing and balancing, jumping off the building from one to another.

My son enjoy the movie, we laugh too as some part of movie is very funny. The part where the guy refused to put on the seat belt, though he was told to. This movie is about how a good cop being used by bad people trying to destroy a city named Brick Mansions.

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