Sunday, March 11, 2012

Pink clothes for gal

I am so happy shop for my dear friend her baby is going to be a month old this Sunday. We don't want to buy newborn because baby grow so fast. I bought the above cherry pink jumper for RM20. Another long sleeve pink top for RM15. I purchase from this stall Baby Most Wanted it is located at new wing of IOI Mall, Puchong. This stall you can never miss it, it is located just infront of Toys R Us. Where is Toys R Us located? It is nearby the Popular book store!

My friend purchase two cute romper which cost RM15 each, you can still find the promotion there because they want to clear out the clothes to put in new stock! I have got a monkey suit for my little boy that cost RM25. I bought the biggest size so when he can walk he can wear it. My baby boy is now nine month old he has two teeth now.

This floor has Daiso, I often shop at Daiso for nice stuff. I bought some pinky for my little boy. I love pink so much that I am wearing a pink top while update this blog now. I am also taking part in My Pinky Moments contest.

I have got a pink bag but sadly the zipped is broken unable to fix it.

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