Sunday, March 18, 2012

Dempo snow skin care

I am using the Dempo snow pink tube skin care product, I like it as it is suitable for my skin. I saw the stall at Summit shopping centre selling it. Last time I purchased from a stall at Giant Shah Alam.

It can be used as moisturizer,cleanser or mask. I am using it as moisturizer, I find it not sticky and smell good too. I find this product cheap if not mistaken they selling two Dempo snow for rm30. I bought mine for rm25 for two Dempo snow. I was in a hurry and they wanted me to try and give best price. I remember the sales girl saying she just need few minutes to explain but it took so long. I think the stall don't stay a place for long they move to another shopping mall from time to time to promote their product.

Have you tried this product? If not what moisturizer are you using?


Anonymous said...

is it ur dempo snow in the pink tube is lotus it come from jalan changkat , gombak?

Sherry said...

Oh ya is lotus snow, I bought at giant that time they got temporary stall there that time